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Carnovsky's RGB wallpaper

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Posted by Patrick Burgoyne, 28 April 2010, 11:43    Permalink    Comments (64)

For the Milan Design Week, Italian studio Carnovsky created a series of wallpapers that react to different coloured lights

UPDATE: new versions of the wallpapers are on display in a new exhibition in Berlin alongside prints and playing cards using the same technique. See our story here

The designs were created for the Milan shop of Janelli & Volpi, a noted Italian wallpaper brand. Each features overlapping illustrations, different elements of which are revealed depending on whether a blue, green or red light is shone upon them.

This one deals with the human body


Under red light


green light


blue light


This one features the animal kingdon




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WOW! Not seen anything like this before, this would be awesome if applied to a club/bar type venue.
Dave - Website Design Essex
2010-04-28 12:01:16

Billy Ray Cyrus
2010-04-28 12:09:36

Really like the first image with no coloured light, not the point of the whole project but just looks cool. Stefan Segmeister used something similar with his 'Made you look' book for the cover.
2010-04-28 13:46:12

Wow its great... i like nice colors... sry i have no so good English. German its much better ;)

nice work dude
2010-04-28 14:45:00

2010-04-30 17:04:04

Beautiful !
Bravo !!!!
2010-04-30 21:21:30

alan hansen begg
2010-05-01 21:44:51

These are fantastic, really graphic and a very unique idea. I love the reflective floor as well... really finishes it off. Mike get a bit trippy if used in a bar though!
Alec - Web Designer in Hertfordshire
2010-05-02 12:34:30

Perfect for a nightclub - or perhaps a bit too hectic!
2010-05-03 12:16:41

cool. I once saw a whole show that was painted in such a way, when the right light hit- the canvasses appeared Blank! trippy. that's why hospital scrubs are green. Its opposite of red so when they're covered in blood, it just turns gray.
2010-05-03 22:06:32

These are sic. It would be awesome if it showed it animating under a strobe light with those colours.
2010-05-04 03:05:26

It's a similar concept to a very old magic trick where a picture disappears when you put different coloured cellophane on top. It's novel for wallpaper though, perfect for a night club, where the light colour is constantly changing.
2010-05-04 08:27:18

Wow, this project is really cool and so inspiring. I also agree with Gareth, it would work well in some kind of night club where the colours of light are changing.

Great post.
SJL Website Design
2010-05-04 12:05:24

Amazing! Would love to go to that shop.
2010-05-04 16:19:19

I am scared!!
2010-05-04 18:50:13

Smashing ideal, thanks :)
Graphic Design Manchester
2010-05-06 02:12:52

After a few drinks, this might set you back!
Stumbled upon
2010-05-06 19:56:44

A little over the top.

Benjamin Koshkin
Benjamin Koshkin
2010-05-09 18:45:00

Interesting and impressive... I like it. :)
2010-05-10 08:39:48

These images are in CMY not RGB

2010-05-11 06:07:41

I want this in my room. This is awesome.
2010-05-12 17:59:30

Simply fantastic......We can use this to teach the physics of light and color!
2010-05-15 15:50:29

2010-06-03 22:13:30

Time to redecorate - these are beautiful!!
Calgary Graphic Design
2010-06-04 02:00:24

I am an artist and so I am exposed to lots of creative projects and art pieces. Not much surprises me. This did. Whether it is tech or creativity or both, I caught and stirred my interest. Thanks!
Bernice H
2010-06-10 01:05:48

.... very impressive !!
2010-06-19 08:28:13

Somebody ought to mention Vesalius, the sixteenth century anatomist whose pictures are reproduced here.
2010-06-24 11:13:24

it should flash all the different lights. that would be tripppyy
2010-07-12 18:25:45

.... very impressive !!
2010-07-29 12:53:07

This is psychedelic, I wouldn't use these as my wallpapers but for special creepy compositions, this is great.
Hwang Mi Hee wallpaper
2010-07-29 17:13:54

Can anyone please give me some information or a name for as to how to repoduce such and idea? its for a university project. Thnaks
2010-07-31 05:44:55

that's the greatest, i love it
sir jorge
2010-08-02 02:14:57

I wouldn't use these as my wallpapers but for special creepy compositions, this is great.
2010-08-12 15:12:34

i can imagine these inside a club just tripping you out hard.
miami web design
2010-08-27 18:20:00

The images are absolutely breathtaking to look at. This is the kind of art and idea I would love seeing firsthand in real life. The anatomical figure in the first few image displays are particularly striking.
Jasmine Farahat
2010-09-24 02:59:59

2010-10-07 19:50:18

You can see his veins and that.
Doctor Black
2010-10-19 14:23:30

This is freakin awesome!!
2010-11-08 15:55:00

i love it - warping but dreamy and lovely; good and something different.
i might just use this style as an inspiration for one of my art projects
2010-11-13 10:10:39

2010-11-17 18:50:50

Impresive! Like it a lot!
2010-11-19 11:00:00

the wallpaper is RGB because those are the primary colors of light needed to show the different pictures. this is truly stunning.
2010-11-20 01:12:41

Not quite right for the bedroom dahling....
John Amy
2010-11-26 14:01:49

Would be awesome to see a video of this with coloured lights transitioning from Red,Green and Blue, I think it would make you feel quite ill if you spent too much time in there though.
Also how would it effect colour blind people, would they see the transitions? I guess they would see the difference just not the colour difference.
Andrew Gough
2011-01-07 02:52:50

The images are absolutely breathtaking to look at. This is the kind of art and idea I would love seeing firsthand in real life. The anatomical figure in the first few image displays are particularly striking.
2011-01-19 11:12:00

Wow this looks really amazing but don't think I'd get much sleep if I had it in my bedroom.
Freelance Web Designer
2011-02-28 18:10:39

I think those rooms are a total TRIP! The anatomical drawings are fantastic. I would definitely pay money to see this.
2011-03-23 01:06:10

Those are some seriously wicked wallpapers, the human body one would give our web design team nightmares.
Fraser Hannah
2011-03-23 10:39:56

One of the coolest things I've seen in a while. I wonder how they will look like using old 3D glasses?
Lizzy Eros
2011-04-06 18:59:29

i wanted to make somehthing like this but i'm a bit confused, aren't the colours in cmy not rgb? or am i being a bit stupid?
2011-04-06 19:01:50

This are really cool and scairy graphics. Yes, i agree that this designs somehow fits to some clubs. Its fantastic and very impreesive creation. I am now wondering and trying to aim designs similar with this one, isnt it hard to create?
2011-04-28 15:05:27

2011-05-06 01:48:06

Great distortion of perspective. Reminds me of MC Escher
Barry Reynolds
2011-05-25 16:19:09

that's some funky wallpaper!
2011-06-07 10:19:33

It is really impressive..Graphics are not scaring but game with colors and human imagination..Yeah, it remind me too on Escher( in his latest period) but is so different with idea..Anatomical figure is under scan..Colors are fantastic..
Anja Weber
2011-08-22 11:51:14

This is absolutely amazing! I am seriously considering painting my room like this (or at least try)
2011-08-23 06:35:33

I bought a print of this fpr my partners birthday. Its a great conversation piece when we have friends around fr dinner. We have the coloured gels and once a crowd is gathered around the image and looking through the gels they're always so mesmerised. Its not magic. I'm really in awe of the commitment to get the screenint quality to a point of perfection that makes this artwork so worth having and paying to have it framed well. One final thing, the wallpaper version appeared in a bar called Jaguar Showooms in Shoreditch about 6 months ago and this is where we originally saw the work. The bar which is part of the Jaguar Showrooms Collective installed an RGB lighting system which pulsed through the 3 colours revealing and concealing each of the image layers. Phenomenal.
Paul Wright
2012-02-10 00:31:35

Oewsome..The images are absolutely breathtaking to look at. This is the kind of art and idea I would love seeing firsthand in real life. The anatomical figure in the first few image displays are particularly striking.
web design Hertfordshire
2012-03-02 04:58:38

Absolutely stunning, I'm in love with them.
Web Design Perth
2012-03-14 21:18:27

Gotta love the extreme... beauty.
Stuart L. Crawford
2012-11-19 18:20:06

There are some intense colours going on in these!
Andrew Reston
2013-01-02 15:09:59

Those are absolutely amazing!
2013-02-24 23:19:43

WOW! Love the animal kingdom. The colours are spectacular in all of these, well done.
Mike Abraham
2013-10-08 18:30:00

Really great designs, although I'm not sure I would like them in my house, would probably drive me a little crazy.
GS Robinson
2013-12-10 21:18:56

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