Floppy disk post-its

Feeling nostalgic for the old 3.5 inch floppy disk? They can still find a home on your desk thanks to Burak Kaynak’s idea for Floppy Disk post-it-style notes

Feeling nostalgic for the old 3.5 inch floppy disk? They can still find a home on your desk thanks to Burak Kaynak’s idea for Floppy Disk post-it-style notes

“In the last few years more and more instances of the floppy disks have been spotted online but I couldn’t find anything interesting for myself,” Kaynak says over on Behance. “So I came up with an idea; Disk-it.”

Kaynak describes his idea as “An iconic alternative to the most popular yellow Post-it notes. Now the good old days are back!”

Thanks to Rebekha for the tip. More on Burak Kaynak here

  • http://www.mercyonline.co.uk Doug Kerr

    If you like floppy discs you should check this lot out:


  • http://www.beyondm25.com David Sweeney

    Brilliant! I want some!

  • http://www.spaceandtimedesign.com Dave – Graphic Design Essex

    Has this not been done before? Seems like one of those ideas thats so obviously good yet no ones done it till now!

  • http://marcbubb.co.uk/ Marc Bubb

    Brilliant –

  • Pete

    Are they available to buy?

  • http://www.sproutmarketing.com.au Sprout Ninja

    Very cool idea – gotta love an innovative idea!

  • http://www.devolutionofimagery.co.uk Mike Broad – Graphic Designer

    @ Dave I wouldn’t be surprised if you’d seen it before it looks really similar to me too. Still it is a cool idea.

    I was in fact very busy with post-it last weekend covering whole walls with them for the O.K. Festival in Arnhem, thought that we could use these next time the expo is shown.


  • http://www.bubblegumkitten.com Bex White

    I will be smiling all week now – such a simple idea and, like all the best ideas, now I see it I don’t why it hasn’t been made before. I have no idea how I haven’t thought of it before in fact – as I really am a fan of nostaglic retro design (Have a retro NES skin for my gameboy and everything).

    Will these be going on sale soon? They seem a perfect candidate to appear on ThinkGeek in the next few months.

    I look forward to seeing more of Kaynak’s work – definately one to watch.

  • http://www.forepoint.co.uk NeilyPeelie

    Lovely – gives a warm nostalgic feeling to someone like me who remembers the halcyon days of installing an application off half a dozen floppies, or even sending out a whole job on one just disk!

    (90% of the designers in our studio won’t be feeling it though – some of them were only born in the 80s!)

  • http://www.webdesign-gm.co.uk Oliver Web Design

    Great idea and I hope they go on sale soon as I will be definitely purchasing some for when I’m at the office. Can’t wait to see what other great ideas Kaynak comes up with.

  • http://cargocollective.com/people Bip Mistry

    That’s such a cool idea… and I really had forgotten about floppy disks!

  • http://www.mymemorycollector.com Pam

    I want to buy some.

  • http://www.suprbo.com/ suprlipopette

    Good memories !

  • http://www.flaemo.com devu

    Really nice! :)

    I remember, I had similar amount of sticky labels FOR floppy disks 20 years ago 😀

  • http://tahsina.co.uk/ Tahsina Smith

    That’s such a brilliant idea!!! Much better than the kisses and hearts!!

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  • Rebekha