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Hand crafted packaging for a handcrafted single malt whisky

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Posted by Gavin Lucas, 3 August 2010, 10:32    Permalink    Comments (12)


Hackney-based design studio, Here, has collaborated with a cabinet maker, an engraver and a calligrapher to create the packaging for The Balvenie Forty – a limited edition, single malt Scotch whisky, matured for 40 years in sherry casks and refill hogsheads...


Taking The Belvenie's commitment to craftsmanship (this particular whisky was created by malt master David Stewart) as its inspiration, Here commissioned leading calligrapher, Peter Horridge, to create the certificate of authenticity that accompanies each of the limited edition's 150 bottles of whisky. Horridge also handwrote the details on each of the 150 bottle labels.

Here and the team at The Balvenie also commissioned Scottish craftsman Sam Chinnery to produce a circular oak box which references the coopered construction of whisky casks and, as a finishing touch, they commissioned Chinnery's father to hand-engrave the number 40 on each individual box.

"Our intention with all of our design for The Balvenie is to engage and collaborate with amazing British craftsmen," explains Here creative partner Mark Paton. "It's always a pleasure to listen and learn from someone who has spent their life honing and refining their craft – whether they're a malt master or a cabinet maker."

A batch of only 150 hand numbered bottles of The Balvenie Forty will be available at exclusive travel retail outlets in the world's leading airports, from July 2010 – priced at a cool £2,500.


Wow, this is really great packaging!! Hard to believe that someone can handcraft something so precise!!
Not so fond of the price though!!! Thanks.
SJL Website Design
2010-08-03 11:25:35

'finishing' 'they' (l/c) 'NAME IN HERE' ?!?

Other than that, nice article! VERY nice packaging!
Stu Mason
2010-08-03 11:45:00

Over-packaging at it's best?
2010-08-03 13:03:31

Excellent packaging design.
2010-08-03 13:28:02

Beautiful. And not over-packaged at all. This is a collector's edition malt whisky which probably won't be drunk, so it's not packaging in the usual, disposable sense, more of a storage cabinet! I'm sure the packaging will add to the value of the whisky inside over time. I love the craftmanship parallel between the master distiller and the cabinet maker/calligrapher/engraver. An excellent interpretation of the brand.
2010-08-03 15:11:22

It does look good and a lot of work has gone into it but
If looking for a well priced 40yo...
Try Glenfarclas
2010-08-03 15:46:22

Just bought a bottle. I've had better.
2010-08-03 17:45:04

I want one of this. I love it!!
2010-08-03 19:06:21

Whisky is my friend, always keep a bottle in the desk for err...... special occasions.
Graphic Design Manchester
2010-08-04 23:15:25

Still got that typo in finishing: "as a finsihing touch"
Stu Mason
2010-08-05 11:27:59

Thanks, just amended
CR Mark Sinclair
2010-08-05 11:33:42

The type of packaging used reflects the product that you are going to sell. As this is really a whisky for collectors, the bottle would probably be stored and the packaging for the bottle is almost as important as the whiskey itself. Any collector of old toys etc will tell you that it is really important to have the product still in the packaging tomimprove the value of the product over time. By creating a unique and well designed packaging solution, this enhances the credibility, saleability and value of the product. However, the packaging soltuion is even more well thought out because it is wooden and therefore will last longer than a cardboard alternative. This is a very clever solution, well designed and crafted that enhances the vlaue of the product.
Packaging Manufacturers
2012-02-23 14:00:50

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