Os Gemeos and Futura paint NY school

Brazilian artists Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo (also known as ‘Os Gemeos’) and graffiti legend Futura have just completed an 80-feet-high mural on the wall of a New York school.

Brazilian artists Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo (also known as ‘Os Gemeos‘) and graffiti legend Futura have just completed an 80-feet-high mural on the wall of a New York school.

The project was driven by New York-based creative studio AKANYC and street art website 12ozProphet with support from Nike (tying in with its World Basketball Festival) and paint company MTN Colors.

The mural is on the west-facing wall of P.S. 11, William T. Harris elementary school, in the Chelsea neighborhood of New York City. Work began on the afternoon of Friday, August 6, and was completed today, August 13.

The overall theme, we are told, is a message of international unity. Os Gemeos’ iconic yellow character (sometimes referred to as as ‘the giant’ or ʻgiganteʼ) is adorned with flags representing countries around the globe. Of the design, Os Gemeos says, “We are using different flags painted with non-traditional colours. The idea is ‘one world one voice’, no borders, no separation, just everything and everyone working together for a single cause that is a better world.” Seems like they did the bulk of the work, with Futura adding details within the overall scheme.

AKANYC creative director Allen Benedikt hopes “to create a regular mural series that we believe will inspire and enrich the creative communities throughout the city”.

All images courtesy AKANYC

  • This is wonderful work

  • coolwhip212
  • No way, this is two doors from my apartment, I saw them setting up a couple of days ago! Looks great.

  • MarcoTeixeira

    Great!!! the brazilian flag was diferent.

  • Reality Check

    It’s gorgeous from top to bottom.

  • Wow the detail is crazy

  • holy cow!

  • BG Denis

    Super mural, one world, one people, no more borders, just cultures sharing one planet!

  • freakish

  • Annette

    Love it….great mural….so New York – the Big Melting Pot……

  • Well, that’s the way to do it, big scale. Recently, I’ve been photographing 12 tonne, 14 tonne and 2 tonne objects and i’m getting to like things on a BIG scale!


  • Great Work!! really colorful.

  • These guys must have amazing peripheral vision. Sending out the love for this one. Couldn’t see this happening on the school in our little village in Buckinghamshire though. Shame.

  • Excellent!! Very nice

  • Shelley

    How long will it be there?

  • YJawhar

    International Unity!? Didn’t anyone notice that there is not even on flag of an Arab country! 😉

  • creazy things..with lsd… its a good one that paint..

  • Patricia

    Cool thing. But I think it would have been nice to use the correct colours for each flag, so the kids could have used the mural to have competitions – who recognizes the highest number of flags and can tell the respective country’s name. Would have been an extra learning possibility.