The Times does info-graphics for iPads

The Times has been steadily commissioning London design studio Applied Works to create easily digestible, interactive info-graphics for their digital, iPad-using readers…

Regular readers may recall we posted about The Times’ interactive World Cup planner iPad app back in June (original post is here). The Times has been steadily commissioning the studio responsible for that app to create easily digestible, interactive info-graphics for their digital readers…

Now we happen to know that CR blog readers like to critique info-graphics at the drop of a hat – so we thought we’d give you the chance to check out a selection of some of the various info-graphics created (specially for The Times’ iPad-using subscribers) by Applied Works, the London-based studio behind the aforementioned World Cup app.

These interactive graphics and applications were created to further enhance various stories or features – and only users of / subscribers to The Times’ iPad app have had access to all of them…

The Times: iPad infographics by Applied Works from Applied Works on Vimeo.

We realise that info-graphics tend to provoke a reaction on this blog similar to spreadable yeast-extract on toast: there’s often a mixture of both love and hate. C’est la vie. However, The Times should be commended on its continuing efforts to engage a digital readership via interactive, onscreen applications.

  • Fantastic job! It looks simple, bold and engaging. Well done AW.

  • Very cool. Good use of the iPad screen, touch interface, and bold graphics. The app as a whole looks very good.

    Same cannot be said for the iPhone version (pictures here: – the iPhone screen to small to read what essentially is a bulky pdf on. And pay for it. iPhone-side, the Guardian wins for its superb interface.

    Rob D
    Marketing Grin – London Digital Marketing Agency

  • Really nice work. Simple, effective communication, well done AW.

  • nat

    so lovely to see info graphics coming to life – another lovely job from AW – nice one guys.

  • Nice work for a non·sense platform

  • This is an appreciable work done by AW. This would help to get the information in an easier and fast manner, which always make the Apple a unique among other competitors. Keep up your work AW…