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Posted by Eliza Williams, 21 December 2010, 11:10    Permalink    Comments (9)

The rescue of the Chilean miners was one of the most uplifting (pardon the pun) stories of this year, and to celebrate it, London-based creative agency Unreal has created a limited edition set of bottles of Chilean wine, which they have sent out as an alternative Christmas present...


There are 33 bottles in the Chilean Winers series, one for each of the miners rescued from the San José copper-gold mine in the Atacama Desert. Unreal has named each bottle after one of the miners and numbered them in order of their rescue.

"We wanted to produce something that celebrated the story of the year," says designer Ryan Tym. "People all over the world watched the miners' rescue and it became a fantastic story in an otherwise difficult year. As we researched the project, we found that Chilean wine sales in the UK alone rose 25% in the days following the successful rescue, as people came together in celebration."

The back of each bottle details information about the individual miner it is dedicated to, giving stories about their lives and also how they helped the group during the 69 days they were trapped underground.

The attention to detail continues in the packaging, with each bottle sent in a tube containing gravel and with a note that replicates the initial message sent by the miners to rescuers, which stated "Estamos bien en el refugio los 33" ("We are okay in the refuge, the 33 of us").

More info on the Chilean Winers series can be found at


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One for Grogger...
2010-12-21 12:04:04

Great fun but all this media attention has blown out of proportion. I think the tragedy in new Zealand a few weeks after the Chiliean rescue has been overshadowed as a mere passing news story
2010-12-21 12:16:02

Well this is something to show my Dad.
Grace N
2010-12-21 12:33:36

Pardon my scepticism, but I think this is more a marketing campaign in disguise rather than a "celebration of the story of the year"

Nice packaging by the way, next stop
Bo Davis
2010-12-21 13:14:11

They didn't send these out as they're really bad Photoshop visuals.
2010-12-21 13:20:30

I think you're mistaken, Santa. Those elves at Unreal must have slipped them out behind your back.

I received mine yesterday—

Sean Rees
2010-12-21 13:52:32

Not to be pedantic, but shouldn't the inscription on the bottle in the second to last photo read "spring of 2010" as Copiapó is in the southern hemisphere?
2010-12-21 14:33:41

Wow! They really have their fingers on the media pulse...from October...flatline..................... .. .. . . .
2010-12-29 22:46:56

Ok. Great. But what exactly is inside the bottles? How does the wine itself relate or profit to the miners? Do they know their names were used for mercantile purposes?
Can I take any plunk and call it "Chateau WikiLeaks - Cru Sour Grapes 2010." hoping for some media attention?
2011-01-06 16:46:25

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