Honeysuckle 18-2120 for 2011

We know you love this one: it’s Pantone’s colour prediction for next year! So away with your Turquoise already and in with Honeysuckle (18-2120) for a pink 2011

We know you love this one: it’s Pantone’s colour prediction for next year! So away with your Turquoise already and in with Honeysuckle (18-2120)…

Pantone’s fortune cookie for 2011 tells us that “Energising Honeysuckle Lifts Spirits and Imparts Confidence to Meet Life’s Ongoing Challenges”.

While the tagline is philosophical, it’s interesting to note that there’s a definite awareness of the financial climate in there. No purely fun-time mimosa (2009), honeysuckle is living in the real world – it’s going to keep you pepped up as you face those Challenges. That remain Ongoing.

And while turquoise (2010) did indeed serve “as an escape for many” (those days are gone) a decent bit of honeysuckle naturally “emboldens us to face everyday troubles with verve and vigor”.

Aside from that, other conclusions drawn by CR are:

It reflects the swing to the right in US politics.

It’s pretty much the opposite of turquoise.

Um, we need more pinky-reds in our lives while we dig ourselves out of this bleak economic mess.

Anyway, we look forward to hearing how you all incorporate the hue into your lives.

  • It’s a really pretty colour – calming. So hopefully the year to come will be a bit more relaxing than the year I’ve had this year.

  • Jon Woodcock

    Its always nice to showcase a really nice pastel color, love the shade of pink

  • Am I missing a trick? Isn’t this marketing dressed up as faux colour psychology?

  • Rob

    If this doesn’t change the world then I don’t know what will.

  • Greg

    Musk then. Not quit e liver.
    Like it.

  • Not too sure the Tea Party would approve of pink. For one, its clearly gay and in turn, an attack on Jesus.

    Joking aside, I would say its an apt colour as there’s a few budget-angled brands who use a similar pink – it kinda says, ‘cheap’ to me in the consumer context.

  • Oranges

    I thought Honeysuckle was white or yellow? I’ve never seen pink ones.

  • jennifer gibson

    I would call it “Sweet Sixteen” or “Blush”


  • Angela Jamieson

    its a funky colour :) i like it. Although, I think a notch or two down the shade scale, to a more pastel colour would be something I might use.

  • Martha Ivette

    Yay! I just painted one wall of my room with this color =)

  • Hilarious!!! How can I get that person’s job at Pantone?

  • Literally the same thoughts I had about the political climate and the opposite of turquoise. It’s awfully girly though.

  • Love it.
    I will be featuring it on my web site in the next few days.

  • Ryan

    Pretty sure the Panton color in the title is switched on the swatch…
    Title of post = 18-2021
    Swatch = 18-2120
    Post = Advertising, design and visual culture fail.

  • john

    [comment deleted by moderator]

  • PatrickBurgoyne

    @ Ryan

    Thanks for pointing out the typo in the headline – corrected now.
    Pretty sure it’s Pantone not Panton though. Comment = spelling fail ?

  • That’s the colour of the old british empire.

    And it’s pink. Pink I say.


    Forget it. I’m not buying it.

  • Craig Burston wrote

    Yes it is. Colour of the year indeed. What total and utter tosh!

  • And Connotations of the colour pink anyone.
    I cannnot see me needing this one this year……..we will see.

  • Neil

    Soz. It won’t make my palette in 2011 – Far to gay.

  • I made an animated gif out of it :)

  • I think that a much more salmon pink is going to be the new it-colour rather than this soft pink.

  • I’ve tried to use a similar colour for a ‘Northern company’ logo, but I was told it’s mmm too gay for us northerners!

  • Jenny


  • read more

    I like it… it’s a basic ‘pink’ so I can see how some say it is girly – but you just examine its complement colors if you want to create a viable piece or logo with it- I will be examining that soon for my company. It’s a nice little bit of brightness that isn’t as manic as mimosa but not as dulled as the teal. We’re on the up & up!

  • Was the ‘Marketing Director’ at Pantone sectioned and placed in a calming pink environment. If not, why not?