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Wills and Kate memorial plates

Graphic Design, Illustration

Posted by Mark Sinclair, 14 December 2010, 12:49    Permalink    Comments (52)

Crockery rarely makes an appearance on the CR blog. But with a royal wedding set for next year, we'll make an exception for KK Outlet's recently unveilved 'unofficial' Wills and Kate souvenir plates...

With only four months to go until the big day, royal wedding fever has already gripped parts of the creative community – largely those involved in ceramics, unsurprisingly, as Majesty magazine reveals. (Just the $70 for the 'tankard' then.)

And in an attempt to combat the tidal wave of tack that accompanies any decent royal wedding the Lord Chamberlain, Earl Peel, has already issued a formal memorandum indicating that tea towels, for one, are right out.

So London-based creative agency KK Outlet decided to create some of their own souvenir plates for the more design-conscious fans of British royalty.

Many of the sentiments may not be wholly endorsed by The Palace, but we love the fact that April 29 2011 is already proving to be a special day for millions of fans of that other UK institution: the public holiday.

The plates will be available to purchase from KK Outlet from January 15. See


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Ha ha excellent! I could be mega tempted to buy the 'thanks for the free day off' one.
Laura Jane Vest
2010-12-14 14:37:46

Absolutely brilliant!
2010-12-14 14:46:03

SNiGgEr! Just imagine the reaction in the Royal House when they see this rebellious graphic design/ironically ugly crockery! There will be uproar across the land! Bring on the revolution! Bring out Charlie Gilmour! I can't wait! CHoRtLe. Economic crisis? What economic crisis? Splash out on these babies this Christmas and show your true anarchic character to your graphic design pals. Wahey! Anyhoo…
2010-12-14 15:24:00

Hey there, Ross - rockin' with the hate posse, huh? LoViNg your tYpOgraPhy too, bwoi! Hope no one confuses it with a conscious style choice.
2010-12-14 15:34:34

the best next gift to bring to all of your friend from london.
2010-12-14 15:36:49

2010-12-14 15:53:25

2010-12-14 16:36:57

marqwuh and here's me thinking that KK were 'rocking' with the hate posse' with regards to the Right Royal Wedding
2010-12-14 17:10:11

I love these plate designs, amazing fun, I look forward to purchasing one or all of them, they make me giggle! I shall retweet this url.
just Jody
2010-12-14 17:29:51

Thanks For the Free Day Off was EXACTLY what I was thinking when I heard the news theyw ere marrying. Otherwise, meh...
2010-12-15 10:08:10

These brilliant, love the Facebook one.
Can't wait to 'celebrate' that wedding, four day weekend you say?
2010-12-15 10:16:24

Well it's time to jump on the bandwagon. I have a Royal Wedding mug available here:
Chris Shipton
2010-12-15 10:50:59

I simply love this
2010-12-15 14:45:02

I'd happily buy all of these.
2010-12-15 14:45:29

I really like the Facebook-styled plate… Umm… sorry to point this out, but The Queen is not an HRH! Should be HM The Queen if anything…
2010-12-15 15:01:35

Ha! Most enjoyable...
2010-12-15 15:32:51

love the thought and passion gone into the illustration.
Martin Varesio
2010-12-15 19:37:17

Brilliant. Let's make scrambled eggs.
Clay Ward
2010-12-15 20:36:34

Day Off plate is a gem. Well done.
James Greenfield
2010-12-16 11:18:29

Thanks for putting a smile on my face whilst I'm working like a machine to meet today's deadline!
2010-12-17 14:21:17

More interested in seeing their heads on a platter...
2010-12-17 15:09:22

Nice work! Would be good if they used suitable 'day off' style packaging, such as a take away pizza box.
2010-12-17 15:45:12

Love the free day off one. Its exactly what everyone was thinking when the news broke!
2010-12-17 15:48:28

Nooo! I don't think you should have made an exception!!
2010-12-17 16:00:23

I for one will be looking to get royally pi**ed
Chad's Eye View
2010-12-17 16:45:28

Perfect for the lol generation. It's about as much as their pretty little heads can cope with after watching endless 'X Factor' and 'I'm a Z list celeb, put me out of my misery', imho. lmao.
2010-12-20 04:52:05

Could have been a lot better :(
Graphic Design Manchester
2010-12-20 11:11:18

It's certainly an alternative to the grain!!!
Fluorescent Beige
2010-12-20 12:31:38

if you want royal ceramics with a twist try
2010-12-20 17:56:04

Absolutely fantastic! I love them!
2010-12-21 15:12:32

So Graphic Design Manchester care to show us your designs
come on put your ceramics where your mouth is ;-)
Yer Maw
2010-12-25 09:49:01

Tottaly brililant!

I liked the facebook plate!
2010-12-27 14:36:53

How long before the cracks appear????? No not the ceramics....the marriage!!! Haha
2011-01-05 11:51:55

Nice idea. Feels a bit rushed though. But KK are brill.
2011-01-10 14:11:00

I Salute you.

Fab designs.
2011-01-11 19:07:33

how much do you think each fabulous plate will cost?

2011-01-18 22:53:00

We are pleased to see someone else had a similar idea to us of jumping on the creative wedding band wagon, we took a little more of a serious look at the designs - what do you think?
2011-01-21 15:00:37

Whos is will and Kate ?
2011-01-24 00:24:07

And bringing up the rear (apologies in advance...) with a new low in Royal Wedding Memorabilia is this:
2011-01-26 18:14:44

Cool! Love the humour.
2011-02-15 12:59:25

Don't like them all - but like the facebook version.
2011-02-15 14:01:50

Is it me or is the word 'IT' on 'IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME' poorly type set?!
2011-02-15 15:30:15

Is it me or is the word 'IT' on 'IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME' poorly type set?!
2011-02-16 08:50:34

What 'free' day off? Many will be working e.g people in retail as many shops will be open, ditto garages, cafes, restaurants (minimum wage anyone?).
And for anyone self employed no work = no pay. Great plates tho'
PS hope it's cheaper than the Pope's visit at £7million
2011-02-16 20:00:16

Just another day on the dole for everyone. Why could they not have done this three years ago when we had jobs.
2011-02-21 14:32:45

I'd love to own any one of these, but would only end up wasting the 20 nicker when I throw it at the telly on 29 April.

For a bit of irreverence more suited to my budget I've found these...

Off with our heads!
Dave Fowler
2011-03-25 15:30:49

HRH The Queen?!? HM The Queen surely...
HM Private Secretary
2011-04-15 20:17:29

Speaking of crockery, I've got a sneak peek of Kate and Will's Wedding Gift List:
Chris Hannah
2011-04-21 13:25:46

Ha Ha! Love these!
James Nixon
2011-06-29 17:24:12

Where can I buy these?
2011-08-15 15:17:33

Absolutely outstanding, but still gutted to not have seen these in the shops.
2012-08-08 19:36:43

Only just seen these- brings back memories of that great day!
2012-10-16 18:42:14

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