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Sagmeister's new site

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Posted by Patrick Burgoyne, 10 December 2010, 11:56    Permalink    Comments (15)

Stefan Sagmeister's new website offers a glimpse into his studio's working life: the homepage features a live webcam while interaction is via vinyl graphic 'buttons' stuck on the floor

Sagmeister's sites have always departed somewhat from the portfolio-based norm – the last one, for example, being a headache-inducing clash of colour and type which was more endurance test than pleasant browsing experience.

The new site creates an interface out of a series of vinyl stickers applied to the studio floor and shot from directly above by a live webcam. So now the world can thrill to the site of a bustling modern design studio at work ie designers sitting in front of screens for hours on end with their headphones on, rising occasionally to get more coffee/relieve themselves/go shopping for more skinny jeans and overpriced trainers . And presumably clients can keep an eye on things too...

No doubt Sagmeister's detractors will see it as an exercise in vanity but it's certainly a fresh and intriguing way to tackle an issue which all design studios struggle endlessly with – the dreaded studio website.

This film shows the installation:

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This looks awesome. Really cool idea and nice to see a departure from the standard portfolio site.

I guess some people won't like it, but it's an excellent integration of brand values with the face of the brand itself. Clever stuff.
Marc Thomas
2010-12-10 12:33:50

Very nice, it’s a shame the design of the home page is just ignored once you're into the site, and not more integrated...

Great concept though
web design bedfordshire
2010-12-10 12:48:42

If you like this you probably also like this one:
2010-12-10 14:31:41

Sagmeister isn't very skinny jeans and trainers.
2010-12-10 17:07:32

Cool - not complicated, but just simple and cool idea :)
2010-12-11 11:19:02

Yeah I agree with Bedfordshire, kind of strange that it is not more integrated.

I have seen something similar before, I forget the name of the company, but they also installed a red LED message board where the user could send them a text. I thought that was kind of cool, probably would not work for a three man company though.
2010-12-12 18:09:15

i m sure it wasnt just me prank calling him?
2010-12-12 20:48:17

Kind of a small studio.
2010-12-13 15:40:00

Pretty exciting stuff!!!

I'm gonna cancel all my pay per view channels and sign up for this one.

Why do we think this is interesting?
2010-12-13 15:47:00

Very interesting concept, very demanding to make it.
Gunnar Andreassen
2010-12-14 11:21:19

Interesting concept, but who wants to be watched while they're working!?
2010-12-14 12:38:45

Sadly, Saggy could have got away with just two buttons. 'CRAP' and 'MORE CRAP'
2010-12-20 05:44:17

Interesting concept.
Graphic Design Manchester
2010-12-22 08:56:29

Great idea!
Not a fan of the rest of the site but yeah it's pretty cool... I have bookmarked it and am waiting for them to start working! I will be back in a few hours to see what's going on!
Jeni - Web Design Essex
2010-12-22 09:33:39

Love the idea of the website becoming a real window into the studio - very simple. It would be great to see this idea pushed further - interaction with the designers (submission via website/answers via board held to camera), the idea of meeting the cleaner or catching the office juniors getting frisky on a friday night...
kevin blackburn
2011-01-05 01:01:24

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