2000 Lily Allen fans sing along for Xbox campaign

2000 people from around the UK were filmed singing along to Lily Allen’s track The Fear for a new promo which forms part of an Xbox “Sing it with Lips” karaoke game campaign…

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2000 people from around the UK were filmed singing along to Lily Allen’s track The Fear for a new promo (shot by director Caswell Coggins) which forms part of an Xbox “Sing it with Lips” karaoke game campaign…

Lily Allen and hundreds of her fans star in a new campaign for Xbox’s karaoke game Lips shot by director Caswell Coggins of Crossroad Films and produced by Phil Tidy. The campaign takes the form of a TV spot and a full length new video for Allen’s track The Fear and also stars hundreds of Allen’s fans recruited to be filmed singing along in special mobile studio booths set up on UK streets, in shopping malls and nightclubs up and down the country.

The campaign was the brainchild of director Coggins who was approached by Global Radio to create an idea for a new multi-platform campaign by Global’s client, Xbox 360. His idea was to bring together thousands of everyday folk singing the song into a world where they appear to be singing along with Lily herself, incorporating all of the performances into a moving mosaic image – made possible thanks to the digital know-how of The Rumpus Room. Here’s the full, promo-length piece:

Lily Allen “The Fear.” mk II from phil tidy on Vimeo.

“Its very exciting to create something that manages to retain such a genuine and uncontrived feel about it,” says Coggins of the work. “The ability to unify so many fantastic contributions from so many different and varied individuals in such a short space of time, all under one central idea and fulfilling the brief is great.”

Tom Roope of The Rumpus Room – which did all the post production – said: “I feel we have really harnessed technology to create an exciting and engaging vehicle for the British public to really be part of the music and media that they love, creating something that is really greater than the some of its parts.”

Here’s the TV spot:

Xbox Lips Commercial Featuring Lily Allen from phil tidy on Vimeo.



Client: XBOX 360
Agency: UM
Production company: Global
Director & creative: Caswell Coggins
Technical and creative realisation: The Rumpus Room
Producer: Phil Tidy
Post production: The Rumpus Room
Post production lead: Marcus Lyall
Software development: Field.io
Location film units: Global
Offline editor: Seb Duthy
Grade: Rushes + Marcus Lyall
Sound post: Envy
Sing With Lips website (singwithlips.com) created by Global
Mix your own video applet feature was built and developed by Real Time Content


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  • mand

    lol brainchild
    this is basic awful

  • Lovely little idea for lovely little lily.

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    Not a fan of the Allen, but a nifty little campaign. Not original, but well executed.

  • Angeline

    I Love it!!!! :)

  • The actually campagin website – http://www.singwithlips.com was built in house by Global Radio’s comerical design and interactive production team with the mix your own video applet feature built & developed by RealTimeContent.

    Credit where credits due Creative Review..

  • An informative report on a very successful project! 😉

    Admittedly I’m not entirely neutral, I should probably declare an interest here, I worked on this project:-


  • like a lot

  • Gavin Lucas

    @Andy – thanks for the info. I’d posted up the credits that had been supplied but I’ve now tweaked them accordingly

  • sorrydaddy

    Feels like yet another, ‘we found this on the youtube’ copy and paste. Very poor.

  • @gavin cheers for the amend, there was a lot of hardworking people who worked on this campagin in-house from start to end, just wanted to make sure their efforts didn’t go un-noted as is sometimes the case with in-house creative teams.

    The video is the star piece of the creative so kudos to The Rumpus Room & Caswell Coggins who brought it all together.. oh and of course Miss Allen herself.

  • The idea is pretty good, but with all those people it sounds just awful.

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    Fun to watch. Hey, is that M.I.A.?

  • Very interesting video , Keep it up !