Chicha Power

Our January cover was created in Lima, Peru by Eliot Urcuhuaranga. In this film, he explains the unique graphic culture that it references

chicha_0.jpg - Chicha Power - 2101

Chicha documentary

The cover feature from the January 2010 issue of Creative Review was all about Chicha, a musical style popular in Peru, and the visual style used to promote the music across the country. In this film, produced for CR by Jules Bay (Curator at the Spanish Cultural Center in Lima), printer Eliot Urcuhuaranga (who created the cover artwork for the issue) explains the background of Chicha and Cumbia music, and how his family came to specialise in the distinctive style of print employed to promote it.

  • Nice insight into these into this localized expression of Peruvian typography and design.

  • Beautiful work. I love the colors!

  • Muy orgullosa de mis amigos de VIUSA.

  • Will

    I loved the article in the mag and this video gave even more insight into this crazy chicha style! love the colors and process!

  • very proud, of our Chicha POWER!!!

  • metlar

    very nice stuff indeed,
    the techniques are quite similar to the graphic stickers that are made for Taxis in mumbai india

  • Enhorabuena por el trabajo tan increible y esas tipografías tan bellas

  • psyk

    A labour of love…

  • Beautifully done, great passion

  • Latin American vibrancy and passion! Great stuff.