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Posted by Creative Review, 19 January 2010, 11:45    Permalink    Comments (11)

The February issue hits the newsstands and subscribers' doormats this week - with a cover designed by Montreal, Paris and Amsterdam-based creative agency, Sid Lee...

Inside the issue, Mark Sinclair takes a look at a new book on Japanese manhole covers - which reveals a hidden, vibrant world of street-level creativity

Sid Lee has been garnering praise for ad work for brands including Adidas, Red bull and Cirque du Soleil... Eliza Williams uncovers the story of the innovative communications agency

Jeremy Leslie reports on the emergence of the first truly digital magazines

Plus, Khoi Vinh and Andre Behrens take us through the design of the New York Times Skimmer; the latest way to read the US newspaper online

Also in the issue, R/GA's Chloe Gottileb looks at how brand are increasingly using our personal data to communicate more effectively - and to motivate consumers to change their lifestyles

Elsewhere in the issue we publish the first of a two-part, in-depth interview with French graphic designer Philippe Apeloig

Monograph this month features a selection of posters by Monsieur Apeloig...


This is an impressive cover ! I love paper !!!
2010-01-19 16:33:38

Love this months cover! And monograph looks good. Look forward to reading it! :D
Ben Neale
2010-01-19 20:00:25

Looks like a good issue this month! I'm always interested in hearing about Sid Lee too, so bonus!
What was the inspiration behind Mark Sinclair's piece? That looks intriguing!
2010-01-20 09:05:18


Hi – there's a book coming out on this in March. I met up with the author who travelled throughout Japan taking pictures of the best manhole covers. The steel one in the spread above is from Disneyland Tokyo but there are thousands of brightly coloured ones all over the country (each relating to the prefecture it's in)
CR Mark Sinclair
2010-01-20 09:11:00

NIce work in Monograph
Max Batty
2010-01-20 16:42:08

Props to Patrick and everyone at CR, this issue is oozing with substance, attitude, style and confidence. Think I might even consider renewing my subscription…
2010-01-21 10:31:53

I heart Monsieur Apeloig
James Kelly
2010-02-02 12:38:58

Very good. Love this cover :)
2010-02-02 13:43:33

So...the Monograph insert of our February edition CR arrived with the foil stamp centered instead of in its usual top left corner position. Not to mention the fact that it was on the back cover and upside down!

Anyone else get one of these?

Great edition btw.
Kevin Broome
2010-02-09 19:30:45

Love this blog, have added this to my favourites!
2010-02-10 14:27:13


Whoa - never seen that before. If you email me your address I will send you a proper one.
CR PatrickBurgoyne
2010-02-10 14:50:13

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