Made By Cows: written by CHI, drawn by Slater and Carmichael

Clemmow Hornby Inge’s latest 48-sheet posters for Anchor Butter hark back to a time when advertising slogans were painted directly onto walls in towns and cities…

569_1.jpg - Made By Cows: written by CHI, drawn by Slater and Carmichael - 2604

We can’t help but wonder if the good folk at agency Clemmow Hornby Inge were inspired by our April issue of Monograph (which featured a selection of photographs of Ghostsigns from the archive at The History of Advertising Trust) when they came up with these charming new 48-sheet poster executions for Anchor Butter‘s Made By Cows campaign…

CHI commissioned illustrator Paul Slater and hand lettering artist Alison Carmichael to work with designers Dan Beckett and Suzie Hydon to create the ads – which all hark back to a time when advertising slogans were painted direct onto the walls of buildings in towns and cities. The idea is that this old style helps reinforce the fact that the Anchor has been producing butter since 1886 – which was the golden age of hand painted wall mural advertising.


Ad agency: CHI & Partners
Creative team: Matt Collier, Wayne Robinson
Creative directors: Dave Masterman, Ed Edwards
Typography: Alison Carmichael
Designers: Dan Beckett, Suzie Hydon
Illustration: Paul Slater
Photography: Conor Masterson
Producers: Ben Etheridge and Brendon McLean
Client: Mike Walker, Kate Richards @ Anchor


And, for those among you that don’t subscribe to our lovely magazine – here’s some of what you missed in our April 2010 (No. 32) Monograph – which showcased a selection of images of Ghostsigns from the archive of The History Of Advertising Trust:

More about Monograph here:

  • ken Walker

    Beautiful posters – very nostalgic. Although harking back to the past, it’s nice to see some ‘proper’ skill on display.

  • Whether they were or not, I like it. First time I’ve said that about some outdoor stuff in a while. If I were to be picky I’d have wanted the cow illustrations to be a little more ‘vintage’ in line with the rest of the concept.

  • Peter Lowe

    I guess if you rendered the cows more ‘vintage’ you’d run the risk of making the campaign look ‘vintage’ (…and have nobody take any notice by thinking it was ‘old’)

    My pennies worth anyway…

  • I like the slightly less vintage quality of the cow illustrations, it brings a tongue in cheek Banksy quality that lifts it somehow. (hope that doesn’t offend anybody!)
    A very nice campaign…..

  • Req

    I love painted-on-to-walls signs and advertising of old, and these look great. Really nice concept and execution. If I owned an end-on terraced house with a big blank wall I throw some kind of mural on there. I’ve worked with print company VgL and their method of printing onto brick looks superb. Didn’t get to use it myself though :(

  • So good to see old-school advertising. No air-brushing, no anorexic unreal models. Cows. Butter. Paint. Long may it last.

  • Devilgate

    I used to paint wall signs. Then I got into advertising. Now everyone likes wall signs. Dammit!

  • Absolutely brilliant. Such a striking campaign, mainly for the medium thats been used, but they’ve made it look authentic with a modern twist. Realy nice work.

  • I saw the one with the cow mixing the butter last night on a moving, back-lit bill board. Look great at night.

  • Refreshing and appropriate. Well done to all involved.

  • You may take the credit but a senior employee of CHI has been a member of my facebook group for over two years,

    Hate doing self promotion but if you like Ghostsigns / painted wall adverts then join my group, getting taking pictures, posting locations to google maps and saving this art before the buildings are torn down and it goes forever.

  • Leigh B

    I was completely knocked out by this when I saw it this morning on the side of a building. A standout idea!

  • Paul

    Very nice, I do like stuff like this. To be fair, Tango did it aswell in the past 6-12 months. You can see one coming in/out of Manchester Piccadilly.