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Super Impose at Kinsale Art Week

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Posted by Patrick Burgoyne, 15 July 2010, 11:45    Permalink    Comments (5)

If you happen to be near Kinsale, southern Ireland, check out Super Impose, a screenprint show from Hannah Galvin-Horne, Marianne Keating, Mat Cook, and Julian House

Super Impose is showing at the KAW Gallery 2 as part of Kinsale Art Week. It features personal work by House (shown above right at the private view) and Cook, who readers will know from their work at design studio Intro.

Cook is showing prints from his MusicParanoia and Booze series

while House is showing work from his Ghost Box project

The graphic wallpaper, above, is by Marianne Keating and features a Joe Strummer quote, "The future is unwritten".

And the vinyl 45 prints, below, are by Hannah Galvin-Horne

Galvin-Horne's Pineapple Print chair can be glimpsed in this shot

but seen better here

The show is on until July 18, details here


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very nice. i want some of that wallpaper!
woot design
2010-07-15 19:23:32

Screen print is fantastic, but there is so much of it that means very little, the pieces that I am most attracted to are the chair and the wall paper...they become something. I am a little weary of A(enter number) posters screen printed for the sake of screen printing. Not to say it isn't nice; It's just a super saturated route of production in graphic design / illustration, that a lot of the time, doesn't add to the overall piece that much...
2010-07-17 17:06:53

all deepends if you can be bothered to find out what its about and look beyond whats on the surface as suppose
mat cook
2010-07-19 10:43:00

the chair is priceless
Graham Jones
2010-08-23 21:38:07

glad i got some of julian's degree show work- the robot illustration was particularly good
2012-02-24 13:52:52

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