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The Missing Piece by The Glue Society


Posted by Eliza Williams, 14 July 2010, 15:14    Permalink    Comments (4)

The Glue Society in Sydney has created this set of photographs, titled The Missing Piece, as part of The Australia Project, a series of creative initiatives dedicated to exploring new ideas of Australian national identity...


"This photographic series features images from around the heart of Australia," explains The Glue Society. "But something vital is missing. We all know what it is. The question is will we ever be smart enough to complete the picture?"


All the images in The Missing Piece were shot in camera, meaning that the team had to transport a large timber puzzle piece on metal legs to the various remote locations where the photographs were shot.


The series debuted at The Australia Project exhibition at the AGIdeas International Design Week in Melbourne in May, and it will also form part of an exhibition celebrating 13 years of The Glue Society's work, which the creative agency will hold at the end of year.


More info on The Australia Project is here.


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Concept: 10, Execution: 5. The stilts are visible and the puzzle piece is so dimensional, that it clearly looks like a puzzle piece OVER the landscape, not apart of it.

I want to visually see a chunk of the landscape removed in the shape of a puzzle piece, not a wooden sculpture placed over the view of the skyline. The earthy texture makes the puzzle piece conform too much to the landscape as well, if they wanted to make a statement, why not make it a stark white to contrast the earth tones? ((Especially given the size of the piece in proportion to the landscape, it's almost swallowed up.

Or maybe I've got it all wrong and their intent is to identify the landscape as an association to the puzzle piece. As if to say "Is this landscape our missing piece of identity?" Though my own pondering over the message and its execution is witness enough to the success of this campaign.
2010-07-14 22:00:23

I think Ayn has it wrong if you don't mind me saying so Ayn, I think the concept and low-fi approach give a quiet epic presence. I really don't need another campaign full of special effects, rendering and fantasy. This is a lovely bit of mind space relief, don't underestimate the extra labour involved in actually going there and putting that jigsaw piece in the landscape. and doing so imposes much more of the idea of gong there and taking something away from being there, something that fills a gap or fits a piece in the puzzle of what is to be Australian/human,
Tim x
2010-07-16 15:05:53

If they'd made it stark white and got rid of the stilts we'd just think it was done in post production and it would lose all value.

It needs to be a little lo-fi and show signs of its making in order for us to know it's real.
2010-07-17 09:33:34

Totally agree with Ayn, the pieces look like they are siting on top of the picture. Maybe if they had added some definition to the puzzle pieces they may have looked like they had some depth and looked like a missing piece of the picture rather than something stuck on top of the picture, perhaps just changing the colour of the background might make it stand out a bit better. Like the idea though.
2010-07-28 15:54:59

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