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Posted by Eliza Williams, 23 July 2010, 15:30    Permalink    Comments (12)

Translocation is a project by photographer George Logan, which sees African wildlife relocated into less predictable settings...


Logan's photographic series has been five years in the making, and has recently been published as a book, which will be sold with 100% of the sale price going to the international wildlife charity, the Born Free Foundation.


The film Born Free was in fact an early inspiration on Logan, who, when moving to different towns in Scotland, began telling new friends that he was from Africa. "As I boy I'd tell tall tales to classmates and claim that I'd been raised on an African farm, surrounded by all sorts of exotic wildlife. It had me imagining how these creatures would appear in the rural Scottish landscapes I was familiar with. This project has allowed me to explore those early fantasies."


Logan travelled extensively throughout Africa to capture the wild animals in their natural habitats, visiting Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa. The landscape shots are largely taken in Scotland and the wild coastlines of Cornwall. Logan then mixes animal and landscape images that feel like plausible combinations, resulting in a surprising set of photographs.


The book of the project has been designed and written by Elmwood Design in London (design director Michael Smith designed the book, with Elmwood's head of writing, Laura Forman, contributing the text). Elmwood is also currently showing an exhibition of the photos, which is viewable by appointment.


The book has been published for free by Hewlett Packard, who are using it as a showcase for their premium digital printing service. This has allowed all proceeds from the sales of the publication to go to the Born Free Foundation. Funds raised will be dedicated to Born Free's new wildlife rescue, conservation and education centre, Ensessakotteh, in Ethiopia.


The book retails at £30 and can be ordered at More info on George Logan's work is at


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I love some of these, defo buying the book.
Simon Winnall
2010-07-24 05:37:38

The sleeping leopard on what looks like the doorstep of a church is my favourite! The set up is great, two empty bottles of milk, and a 'no pets allowed sign'.
Fair play to HP, and its brilliant that 100% of sale price is going to charity.
Stripeyhorse design
2010-07-24 12:26:16

The sleeping leopard on what looks like the doorstep of a church is my favourite!
tiffany paloma picasso
2010-07-26 07:35:07

Not all images look real to me. The first one looks really photoshopped.
2010-07-26 10:23:45

Incredible. I think the quality of the pictures is top. Kinda freaky though! These images could only have been created by someone who used to spin a yarn at school about being brought up in Africa. Genius. Wish I'd had that kind of imagination.....I salute you, Sir.
Victoria Archer
2010-07-26 21:59:20

Those pictures are incredible, but as NapoleJon said, some are questionable...
Web Design
2010-07-27 09:34:54

Love the concept, think the images are beautiful and will buy the book...

I do however question the accuracy of scale in some of the shots... mainly the gorilla images, they look wrong and photoshopped in.

Good work though
2010-07-27 12:23:39

While it's a good idea and some of the images do work - i agree with other comments, that a couple just look wrong to my eyes, in terms of scale and looking too 'shopped. But great that HP are supporting a worthwhile cause and I think the project and book will be a big success.
Liverpool Photographer
2010-07-27 14:01:07

Way to go George, really pleased this project is getting the attention it deserves mate, well done! Put me down for a signed copy ;-)

I still owe you that bottle of Scotch!!!
Martin Brent
2010-07-27 16:29:43

I really like how he merged the animals into the different landscapes. Most of them look very realistic, especially the leopard lying on the door step. I do agree that some look photoshopped but it's a very good concept and I might be purchasing the book.
Oliver Bristol
2010-07-28 08:53:05

Graphic Design Manchester
2010-07-29 13:03:04

Love them, has given me a great idea to have ago myself. Thanks.
web design bristol
2011-07-15 10:47:10

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