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Degree shows: Free Range Photography


Posted by Eliza Williams, 18 June 2010, 16:26    Permalink    Comments (10)

I also popped over to Free Range today, at the Truman Brewery in London, to see the graduate photography shows that are on there this weekend. I've selected work from the University of East London, University of Westminster, University of Brighton, and Nottingham Trent University to show here...



First up is work by the Nottingham Trent students. Photographs by Alma Haser are shown above and top. The images are shown on lightboxes, which unfortunately have reflected the strip lighting in the space, sorry about that. Apologies generally for any reflections of lights (or me!) in these images.


James Christopher Beasley exhibited a series of split portraits.

By My Linh Le

Nikki Bruton presented a number of diptych portraits, which showed a photograph taken by her on the left, with a self-portrait by the subject on the right.

Over to UEL's show now, and Craig Madden, who presented a number of abstract photographs, in both black and white.

Lizzy Stewart presented a number of enigmatic adaptations of found images.

Tom Griffiths explored the invisibility of older people in contemporary society in a series of images.

In the University of Westminster show, Nikki Gibbs presented a series of landscapes.

By Robert Downer, from a series titled Remains.

John Christie's work is based on Caravaggio's The Betrayal of Christ.

In the Brighton show, Jamie Sinclair presented an image from a series of portraits based on the themes of constricted breathing and loss of control. The models were shown holding their breath as they hung upside-down.

By Kayla Stoate

Finally, Meghan S Mari presented a series of images on smoking, including this somewhat controversial image of a heavily pregnant woman.


This version of Free Range is on until June 21. More info is at



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2010-06-18 18:14:33

you should also check out London College of Fashion Degree show @ 57 Carnaby Street.

Current exhibition runs until 21st June. One to watch is Fashion Illustration works on display
the pig man
2010-06-19 02:43:42

Jamie sinclair my blog is-
jamie sinclair
2010-06-20 17:08:25

JAMIE SINCLAIR- one of my images is featured above (floating head black background) to view the rest of the series and other work view my blog
jamie sinclair
2010-06-20 20:01:02

Interesting to see some alternative processes here. Compare, if you wish, with photography (amongst painting, etc.) at three degree shows in Wales: Aberystwyth, Newport (Caerleon), and Trinity College Carmarthen.
Margaret Sharrow
2010-06-21 11:59:43

This is the Nottingham Trent website for their show this year:
and last years:
Rob Wilson
2010-06-22 11:47:50

Great landscapes Nikki.
Bip Mistry
2010-06-23 07:59:04

I also had work exhibited at this show. Please visit my blog here and my Flickr page here

What a great opportunity this has all been!
Emily Davies
2010-06-24 13:15:09

my work has been featured above (diptych portraits),
if you wish to get in touch, or view my blog:

A website is currently under construction...

Nikki Bruton
nikki bruton
2010-06-24 14:47:48

my work is featured above its the abstract photography.
The print shown was the inverted of the original photograph, the piece is of moisture in the air at night

you can view my website and the full series, under current work at

if you are interested in my work you can email me at

please also check out the group website for UELPHOTO10 at

Craig Madden
Craig Madden
2010-07-13 18:37:53

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