Knitted Nikes

Commissioned by >Nike78 (a project set up by Paul Jenkins in which creatives are sent a pair of brand new Nike trainers and asked to challenge their function) London-based has created these rather fetching knitted trainers…

569_5.jpg - Knitted Nikes - 2510

Commissioned by Nike78 (Eliza posted about the project earlier this month) London-based THIS IS studio has created these rather fetching knitted trainers. They just sent us more images so we thought we’d post them up…

“The Nike78 project asked us to challenge the function of a pair on Nikes,” explains Barney Beech of THIS IS.  “In the world cup spirit we’ve created these trainers for the discerning sofa athlete: hand knitted with a Cashmere/Merino mix. The comfiest way to watch the game!”

See Eliza’s post on the Nike78 project here


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  • Stu Goulden

    By far the best entry to date. Can I have them post-exhibition pretty please?

  • samford
  • James
  • Christine

    Yum, yes please

  • Sambo

    Would be better if someone was wearing them.

  • Ben

    This girl graduated from Bath School of Art & Design in 2009, she knitted an entire Ferrari!!! Check it out…

  • Deborah

    Connie Wright was commissioned freelance to knit these, shame that there’s no mention.

  • Crispin

    Yeah I’ve seen Connie Wright’s work before, she is amazing! Well done Connie!

  • Phil Roberts

    I bet they’re so comfy! …but probably won’t be seeing them in foot locker any time soon!

  • Alan Smithee

    @James You’ve seen a pair of knitted nikes before?

  • Steve

    This reminds me of the Shoelace shoes project from Kingston last year. It’s on Michael Johnsons’ blog

  • Advertising

    Am sure my nan did these for me, can I have them back :-)

  • nicola harrison

    wow very different x

  • christine Purdy

    I love these, they are cute. I want the pattern.

  • Andrea Skeoch

    Where can we purchase the pattern?