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VW Fox from the inside-out


Posted by Mark Sinclair, 31 March 2010, 10:50    Permalink    Comments (8)

A new campaign for the Volkswagen Fox from AlmapBBDO Brazil conveys the small car's latest interior features by turning it inside-out...

Alongside the poster, there's a microsite,, that lets users turn the Fox inside-out and – for reasons probably known only to the agency – write their own 'backwards' messages on Twitter or Facebook. There's also an accompanying online campaign, elements of which can be viewed at site. 

It's an interesting way of conveying the new interior details of VW's Fox model, not usually a focus for a car ad, while alluding to the bigger-than-you-think reactions that they hope consumers will have when they take a peek inside.

From the microsite

Creative Director: Sérgio Mugnaini
Creatives: Fabio Benedetto, Luciana Haguiara
3D production company: Vetor Zero
Sound design: combustion
Tecnology: On Interactive


Strong advertising for the past 60 years.
2010-04-01 10:11:50

really nice, but i've literally just bought one of the old ones :/
2010-04-01 13:57:43

Not visually immediate enough, too much brainwork required to interpret. Also makes the car look bad. But then, it looks bad in real life anyway.
Tony Middlehurst
2010-04-01 14:29:23

Very nice work. congratulations.
2010-04-02 13:50:37

Yeah, you mk 1 golf, makes we wanna be a hairdresser.
Graphic Design Manchester
2010-04-02 13:57:29

Disagree Tony. By contrast, depicting the product as verbatim would require too little brain work. The resultant advertising would be 'brain dead'. Would not stand out from the competition.

I think it is pretty refreshing to see creativity bold enough to step into the unknown, and turn a client's product inside out. That in itself is eye-catching, if not thought-provoking enough.

And in any case, continues to keep VW's long tradition of intelligent yet simple advertising – reflecting VW as a company that pays extra attention to even the most subtle details, as well as concreting their perceived position as trend setters as opposed to followers that fade into the already over saturated world of automotive advertising.
2010-04-03 11:25:07

Dunno if there's much working out required!

Its just a nice way to visualise the interior in an attention grabbing way. It makes me wonder what my car looks like inside out. Or my house!
Adam Smith
2010-04-04 15:31:36

SMART! really smart
2011-02-23 07:39:46

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