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Noma Bar at KK Outlet

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Posted by Gavin Lucas, 31 March 2010, 10:52    Permalink    Comments (9)

Bitter Sweet, a new exhibition of illustrator Noma Bar's work, opens tonight at KK Outlet in London's Hoxton Square...

Fans of Bar's work will recognise some of the imagery exhibited in the show – which runs until April 30 – from his most recently published book, Negative Space, published by Mark Batty Publisher last year – although, specially for this show, Bar has transformed flat illustrations into a variety of objects that include 3D wood cuts, installation pieces, screenprints and light boxes, all available to buy.

KK Outlet has very kindly sent us a selection of images (photography by Francis Ware) of some of the work in the show (which was hung yesterday) to preview here...

More Or Less

Blind Optimism

Night Train to London

Epic Fail

Think Harder

Now You See Them Now You Don't

Bitter Sweet runs until 30 April at KK Outlet, 42 Hoxton Square, London, N1 6PB.

See more of Bar's work at


Noma is a true talent, great to see his work go into the 3rd dimension. Next, the 4th?
2010-03-31 15:38:39

The book 'Negative Space', is worth a peek also. Nice work. :)
Graphic Design Manchester
2010-03-31 16:10:52

Noma is great. Plus I do enjoy calling famous peeps by just there first name as if I know them personally.
2010-03-31 21:15:19

2010-03-31 21:33:57

A huge talent. This is the cleverest work I've seen for years. Loved the Negative Space work too.
Tony McSweeney
2010-04-01 15:54:42

Space. The final frontier! Great exploratory creative work! ;)
2010-04-03 11:10:07

Noma is the king of negative space - such clever and perfectly executed work - i have collated and posted a selection of his work on ember. you can check it out here
Karsten Rowe
2010-04-06 14:18:34

I went to this and had a few words with Noma, it is a really great show, I love his work so much and he's such a nice guy. Really cool :)
james benn
2010-04-08 23:47:10

amazing work - as always with Noma Bar,
You can also find Noma Bar prints at

The Laurel & Hardy / Chaplin are fantastic!
2010-04-09 23:03:34

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