Ten for Hyères

Each year the Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival showcases the work of ten up-and-coming photographers in the south of France: here’s this year’s pick

Each year the Hyères International Fashion and Photography Festival showcases the work of ten up-and-coming photographers in the south of France.

I was on the selection panel for this year’s event, whittling down a shortlist of some 60 port­folios to the final ten at the Parisian studio of the celebrated magazine art director Michel Mallard. This group now gets the chance to show their work at the festival, which takes place from April 30 to May 3 in the beautiful Villa Noailles.

The chosen ten this year fall neatly into five women and five men (this was just a happy accident as everything was anonymous). For the women, we chose (from the US, and a personal favourite) Amelia’s World by Robin Schwartz, a hilarious, touching and disturbing series looking at the relationship between Schwartz’s daughter and various animal friends (one shown top and below)


Also from the US, we chose S Billie Mandle’s Reconciliation project, which documents confessionals in Catholic churches


And from The Netherlands, Yvonne Lacet‘s Creation project, a series using paper models to investigate architecture


And, again from the US, Cara Phillips‘ Singular Beauties, a series documenting the world of plastic surgery


And from the UK (by way of Lithuania) we also chose Indre Serpytyte‘s (1944 – 1991) series in which she tracked down the Lithuanian forest dwellings which were used by Soviet security services to interrogate partisans after the Second World War, had them recreated as wooden models and then photographed them.


The five men selected include Swiss photographer Matthieu Lavanchy and Mr Schuhlmann, his hilarious imaginary world in which a paranoid man attempts to protect himself and his home from attack


Also from Switzerland,Yann Gross‘s Kitintale reportage series on the building of the first skatepark in Uganda


From India, we have Dhruv Malhotra’s series of urban sleepers


James Reeve‘s shots of cities at night


And, from the US, Carlo van de Roer‘s fantastic Portrait Machine series, made with a Polaroid aura camera developed in the 1970s by an American scientist in an attempt to record what a psychic might see

More on Hyères at villanoailles-hyeres.com

The exhibition at the Villa Noailles continues after the festival until May 30

  • Oh my lord. Amelia’s World is inspired weirdness. Matthieu Lavanchy’s work makes my heart sing, for true. The Lithuanian forest dwellings are about 97 flavours of awesome.

    I do love me some skewed vision, I sure do.

  • I like the cities at night and auras pictures.

  • Imam Siddique

    Simply Stupendous!

  • Cara Phillips’ notion of singular beauty is on the side of questioning the beauty of one’s self indulgence to perfection and how that world is so far from reality…

    As for Amelia’s World…I am quite jealous of her pets. I commend Schwartz into providing us an insight into the world of his personal life as well as his daughter’s…beautiful captures of her expression of “yes-these are my pets too”…nice.

    The creativity behind the selection above are refreshing a bit…thanks for the post Patrick.

  • Congrats to all. Many of these photographers will be showing work in “31 Women in Art Photography,” curated by Charlotte Cotton and Jon Feinstien, which opens Sat March 6th in NYC.