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Tom Gauld on Diet Coke


Posted by Mark Sinclair, 4 March 2010, 16:39    Permalink    Comments (20)

It might seem an unusual pairing, but comic artist Tom Gauld has produced some rather lovely work for a new series of cans for Diet Coke...

Gauld's agency Heart emailed us with the above image of his latest project which, sadly for fans of his here in the UK, is only released in the US. The limited edition cans are designed to raise awareness of The Heart Truth, the women's heart health program. Gauld also helped create a series of animations for the campaign, two of which can be viewed here.

Well known for his comic books and strips that have appeared in The Guardian, Gauld's portfolio of work on the Heart site includes some real gems. You can, of course, see more of his work at


There's also these films too...
Phil Bold
2010-03-04 17:09:36

i LOVE tom gauld
2010-03-04 17:21:25

Elegance. Never thought I'd say that about artwork on a Coke can :P
2010-03-04 23:08:12

When I was alot younger, I was obsessed with the Coca Cola brand. I used to stick the plastic bottle tops all around my door frame in my bedroom. If I was 11 again, these would be stuck on my wall. I love them. I most definitely agree with 'kevadamson' - they make the cans look elegant. Its amazing how packaging can have such an influence over a consumer.
Victoria Archer
2010-03-05 10:01:14

Coca-Cola Corp: Hello, Ad Agency. We need to create a message that implies we care about people and their health and associate it with one of our products.

Ad Agency: No probs, while everyone knows you market cans full of fizzy shit we all remain transfixed by the image you project. We’ll stick an informal illustration that’s humorous light and inoffensive connect it with a a health charity. Those that continue to lambast us with the communist rhetoric will be made to appear as fanatics. Job done – now someone get me a bottle of Bling H2O, I can’t stand the sight of this chavpagne.
Bored with the uncritical position of CR
2010-03-05 10:09:28

I'm a big fan of these designs, and they're for a great cause! love the animations too.
Thanks for sharing.
2010-03-05 11:26:58

Lots of good people do work that promotes bad things & Diet Coke is pretty high up there. Corm maize starch is turning our livers in foie gras and there isn't an illustrative style in that world that's going to make me change my mind. As for the illo itself- i'm feeling a 'meh, whatevs' about it.
Gemma Mercy
2010-03-05 11:45:34

2010-03-05 11:49:52

Thanks - now changed
CR Mark Sinclair
2010-03-05 12:02:28

Enlightened art direction - Tom Gauld is one of the best artists working in Britain today. . .
james Hutcheson
2010-03-05 13:58:08

lovely work, as always from Tom
not sure about the Diet Coke collaboration though.
2010-03-05 14:03:02

Did you know there are more E no.s in a Cabbage than Diet Coke? or regular Coke for that matter?
Al Patrick
2010-03-05 15:15:50

How cool! Tom Gauld is amazing and it is nice to see a Coca Cola can with it's logo being one of the smallest elements on it! Will we see a change in the way Coca Cola approaches promotion from now on? - less shameless advertising everywhere and more work with charities? (Hopefully, but probably not!)
2010-03-05 16:13:49

these are really lovely, great cause too.
2010-03-05 18:11:21

Seriously, how does Diet Coke promote a healthy heart?
Jonathan Williams
2010-03-07 00:52:47

Was the pun at the end of this article intentional?
2010-03-08 17:05:13

That was directed at Mark not Gordon, my mistake.
2010-03-09 21:06:01

Mmmmmmm. Aspartame, oh I mean Formaldehyde, no no I really mean Aspartame.
Graphic Design Manchester
2010-03-10 11:12:00

Really nice and clean. The Diet coke can's are looking a bit messy and complicated in the UK these days.
I like. M.
Marketing Man
2010-03-12 07:27:06

Tom Gauld is one of the best artists working in Britain today. . !!
2011-04-15 01:54:41

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