Yes, it IS rocket science

This Is Real Art has made a series of charming informational films for Astra on the way that satellites work

This Is Real Art has made a series of charming informational films on the way that satellites work

The films were made for Astra, the European satellite operator not the reasonably priced car, and will be used both internally and to educate potential clients about what the company does.

There are seven films in total, covering everything (and indeed slightly more than) you might want to know about the operation of a satellite. Including sections on history, physics, control, launch, why we need satellites, business and the future.

We have two, including Why Do We Need Satellites?

And Physics


And, yes, that is Johnny Ball doing the voiceover.


  • Nairn
  • Adam

    Beautiful and informative. Great stuff!

  • Lone

    Good stuff. Very clean and straight to the point. Reminds me a lot of the Guide done for the Hitchhikers movie from a few years ago. Im sure theres other examples but its a fun format.

  • Adam Kirby

    It feels like the old Hitch Hikers Guide to the Galaxy TV show. It’s how I imagine Ford Prefect would teach a physics lesson.

  • Gemma Mercy

    #Adam Kirby- SPOT ON!

  • jovan

    lucid and fascinating!

  • louise murray

    a model of clarity. fab

  • JasonB


  • Ian

    Here is their website:

    Don’t see those videos on there yet though but they have got a useful tool for searching tv channels.

  • squid