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An iPhone drawing for every day


Posted by Eliza Williams, 10 May 2010, 14:24    Permalink    Comments (10)

Friday, May 7


Artist Kristofer Strom has been keeping a blog where each day he adds a new drawing created on his iPhone...


Saturday, May 8


Monday, April 12


The delightful images are created using the Sketchbook Mobile or Brushes Apps, according to Strom. "I started drawing these on the bus to and from my studio and thought, 'hey, why not try doing at least one illustration each day?'," he says. "It's very relaxing. Put on some good music and just start drawing."


Friday, April 30


Monday, May 10


A selection of the images are shown here. To visit Strom's blog, go here.


really nice idea and lovely variety of illustrations. We used to be encouraged to take our sketchpads on the bus to and from college (bit more old school), unfortunately i get travel sick - wasn't a great look on the pad, never mind my iphone!
2010-05-10 16:31:20

Love it. Brilliant and you don't need to buy new materials (pens, inks etc.)
Jim Moore
2010-05-10 17:48:27

like it a lot
2010-05-11 13:21:29

Bravo! I think it is fantastic.
Kevin Banna
2010-05-11 13:40:29

Awesome idea for a blog!! Loving the artwork, such a cool, unique style.
Thanks for sharing.
2010-05-11 15:25:24

2010-05-11 16:13:18

love it, i just wish I had enough time myself to do a drawing every day of my life. Perfect use of commuting time ...if you commute. would be a nice platform for shared involvement- upload post spot.
richard Tilley
2010-05-11 16:40:14

Great drawings, might have a go while I'm driving to and from work each day!
2010-05-11 18:57:28

I think it is a great idea to make good use of the time on the bus. Maybe all designers and illustrators should catch the bus to give themselves a little more creative me time :)
Logo Design Monster
2010-05-11 21:05:00

WOW - it's hard to believe that this was done on the iPhone. Amazing work.
My name is Eyal and I'm the founder of - we are the developers and publishers of
Faces iMake ( iPhone/iPad application - a joint development with the artist Hanoch Piven ( - you can "draw", with everyday objects - basically whatever you want.

I would love to see your amazing talent being expressed using our app.

A growing community on Facebook (facesimake) have been creating faces, self portraits, landscapes, animals - where ever their imagination takes theme.

Thank you for your post - i'll be sure to follow your blog. :-)
Eyal, iMagine machine
2010-05-12 09:07:06

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