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Posted by Gavin Lucas, 14 May 2010, 12:27    Permalink    Comments (46)

London design studio Construct has given the branding of London's famous Claridge's hotel a thorough overhaul, starting with the hotel's crest which has been redrawn and the logotype which has also been redrawn using a refined weight of typeface SangBleu...

Because it is a working hotel with a huge number of items traditionally branded (from teapots and egg cups through to slippers and dressing gowns), Construct's task of not just branding, but implementing a consistent and cohesive sense of identity throughout the hotel and the objects within it was by no means straightforward. In fact, the rollout of the new branding is ongoing throughout this year as there are so many different ideas to implement across a huge range of items.

As well as introducing a sophisticated colour palette of jade, gold, white and black, bold architecturally inspired chevron patterns appear on the inside of bags, envelopes and on various objects, publications and goodies guests at the hotel are lilkely to encounter. Here are a selection of images of some of the items (some are mock ups yet to be produced) that display Claridge's new look:




The branding goes way beyond letterheads and crests emblazoned on the front of menus. On the large inventory of branded innovations is an eye-catching take on a traditional rocking horse - it's a rocking zebra (the black stripes are playfully on-brand); a rather wonderful chevroned Kimono instead of a dressing gown (a design graphic shown above); a jogging map for guests to plan their morning run in Hyde Park; a quarterly guest newspaper; and a rather nice sterling silver chevron bookmark (below). Even the TV interface has received the rebrand and guests will also come across various seasonal luxury gifts such as an appropriately packaged Easter Egg or a Christmas Pudding. As well as handling the business of creating and conveying a strong brand, Construct have seemingly managed to do something else: inject fun (and not at the expense of luxury) to the proceedings...


Behold, the Claridge's easter egg!

When parents check in to the hotel, their kids (if of appropriate age and disposition, of course) are given this rather fetching canvas bag which is full of various goodies, including toys, card games and stickers

"We put aside design dogma that prescribes the corporate and repetitive approach of a consistent logo on every item possible in the belief that if you see it often enough it will be remembered," says Construct's creative director Georgia Fendley of the approach to the rebrand. "We felt that this was overkill and in fact did not allow the personality of the hotel to shine through. Better, we felt, to celebrate Claridge's unique qualities by expressing them through a hundred exquisite experiences. Claridge's needed branding with a degree of flexibility and imagination that enables staff to deliver a level of service that cannot be prescribed but is intuitive and personal."


Very comprehensive in the showing of all the applications.

Is Creative Review's blog becoming a UK Brand New? If so should Armin be notified ;)

Anyway, I enjoy seeing brand changes and a mix of other things usually featured on this blog.
2010-05-14 12:52:44

Very nice, but the green colour is so similar to just-round-the-corner similarly luxurious Fortnum & Mason, no?
Ed Wright
2010-05-14 13:01:31

Very nice, but the green colour is so similar to just-round-the-corner similarly luxurious Fortnum & Mason, no?
Ed Wright
2010-05-14 13:01:31

Was thinking Tiffany myself. But very elegant and makes me want to stay there MORE. Doesn't make me rich enough to though.
2010-05-14 14:24:24

Waterstones pay attention - this is what you call a re brand
Marc Bubb
2010-05-14 14:26:33

Shweet. I like it.

* Books a suite to steal all the stuff.
tim Spencer
2010-05-14 15:35:17

"Waterstones pay attention - this is what you call a re brand
Marc Bubb
2010-05-14 14:26:33"

I like it! lol
BTW, these kind of re-brand can hardly be found in Asian Country. I wonder why...
Duncan McDuncan
2010-05-16 04:21:04

Simple & Strong. The colour, arrangement and overall weight of the elements reminds me a little of Tiffany's, which isn't a bad thing at all, considering the audience.
kevin blackburn
2010-05-16 04:58:33

elegance...simple but attractive...i like the colors
2010-05-17 08:40:25

I really like this re brand of Claridges its classy yet very modern and sharp looking. I see the likeness with Tiffany's with the fresh jade colour, but i think the use of a black and white chevrons sets it apart and adds much needed definition.
Victoria Blount
2010-05-17 10:32:35

Good re-branding, but the colour is a little feminine....Tiffany anyone?
2010-05-17 11:11:44

Great stuff. Clever people. Once a strong sense of brand is established, it allows you to have more fun with it and still be recognizable. Good work!
2010-05-17 22:49:32

Elegant designs
2010-05-18 07:20:00

Well done, top hats off!
Todd Lopez
2010-05-18 08:52:49

I really like the new branding, a bit Tiffany's but thats not a bad brand to be associated with perhaps. Liking the black and white patterning when it is used as a hidden feature, bit more like Paul Smith.

Good job of re branding rather than the usual re logoing.
Mark Taylor
2010-05-18 09:12:57

What's Tiffany?
2010-05-18 10:38:25

Very nice, really sweet kids bag too.
2010-05-18 10:55:51

I think this is a stunning rebrand. Consistent, yet flexible enough to be playful whilst still keeping a sophisticated look.
fred design
2010-05-18 10:59:21

Lovely re-branding definitely money well spent

Well done
Market Harborough Magazine
2010-05-18 13:16:51

Elegant, Luxurious, Memorable — much like the hotel.

Fantastic work.
Simon Manchipp
2010-05-18 13:23:20

Excellent execution and love the contrasting yet complimentary clean jade with the black and white chevrons. The logo and crest are also contemporary while retaining a sense of the Clardiges heritage.

Design work of the highest order
Milnes Web Design
2010-05-18 13:49:01

Refreshing to see some absolutely beautiful typography... and see it used well - nice job Construct.
2010-05-18 13:50:59

Really nice design. Lovely assortment of items to show off the new look.
2010-05-18 13:56:51

wasn't the jade touted as this years pantone must use?
2010-05-18 13:57:31

Yes it is great! Pity the colour choice is Fortnum & Mason (they may have something to say about that from a legal recognition point of view as might Tiffany). After the sad Waterstone's episode this is a refreshing change to show designers how to use great typography and give a heritage brand new life. Well done to the agency. The rebrand has class and consideration and the sophistication it deserves.

Fantastic quality of execution that other agencies would do well to emulate!
Alan McDougall
2010-05-18 14:39:22

This is beautiful. I'd love to be part of a branding exercise that covered so many applications. How exciting for Construct. Bet they had so much fun doing this :-) I think it's great - very elegant. I even like the colour. It might be nice if they kept the black and white and occasionally changed the accent colour to go with it - with the seasons or something, to make collectable pieces.

I also like the comment by Mark Bubb. Yes Waterstone's - take note!
Amy Purdie
2010-05-18 16:43:16

After being at Claridge's over the weekend, I'm just not sure this reflects all that is unique about Claridge's.

As much as I like the quality of work shown, it feels so much like F&M, Tiffany and The Wolseley. Even more noticable is the product labelling - very Peyton and Byrne.
Paul Petherick
2010-05-18 17:08:07

So beautiful. A real delight to view and VERY inspirational. Well done you.
2010-05-18 17:45:58

2010-05-18 18:26:42

Great job! Works very well across such a broad range of items. Love the use of the jade with black and white.
2010-05-18 19:01:07

Sexy interplay of feminine and masculine with deco roots but vintage treatment feels fresh -- glamorous and brainy at once - a little restrained on the type which plays well - love the mint - it's just a breath away from neon. Stunning. The look entices us to want to slip between their sheets.... these designers deserve to feel amazing about this work...I'd certainly be cracking the champagne!
2010-05-18 19:57:29

Wish I could go there just to get the goody bag for my children.

Great challenge and theroy reached practise.

Excellent results.
location voiture
2010-05-19 09:42:56

After being at Claridge's over the weekend, I'm just not sure this reflects all that is unique about Claridge's.

As much as I like the quality of work shown, it feels so much like F&M, Tiffany and The Wolseley. Even more noticable is the product labelling - very Peyton and Byrne.
Paul Petherick
2010-05-19 12:40:24

Apostrophe, not prime
2010-05-19 23:26:16

Am I the only person who is irritated by the straight, DTP style apostrophe?!
2010-05-21 12:11:38

Dooble - Yes, it would seem you are.

Very contemporary.
2010-05-21 13:56:29

Not having frequented any of the aforementioned hotels this seems like a gold standard job to me. It's so easy to nit-pick on some of the graphic fragments but overall what a beautifully considered piece of graphic design which is contemporary yet respectful.

And yes, Waterstones - if only.
Roger Mann
2010-05-21 14:51:14

Beautiful work. Elegant and sophisticated. Love it.
Flint & Tinder
2010-05-27 10:10:20

Excellent, love it ! Congratulations Construct.
(love the pencils the most !)
2010-06-02 00:20:35

It's a bit Fortnum's / tiffany isn't it? does luxury only have one colour... bit generic.

Those pencils, though, are really nice
2010-07-22 14:30:03

Brilliantly applied. Love it. G
2010-08-10 00:09:13

I love everything about this branding! Can you tell me where you found the pencils or had them made?
2010-08-25 17:55:06

I love this logo! Can anyone tell me what font they're using?
2011-04-20 20:40:37

Great designs, but I get the feeling I've seen it all before somehere...
Web design wolverhampton
2011-06-27 09:21:22

J'adore, simply gorgeous!
Chantal {luxxury livving}
2011-07-14 03:24:14

I think that they have managed to pull off the seemingly impossible: appear modern and contemporary without alienating their traditional values and heritage. It is beautiful. Effortless, chic, perfection imho.
Jay Rowden Photography
2012-07-03 15:34:14

Don't know how I managed to miss this gorgeous rebrand. Really nice work.
Stuart Crawford
2012-10-27 19:11:49

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