CR June: CGI, Grad Guide and a World Cup Wallchart

The June issue of CR focuses on CGI, with six illustrators collaborating with six CGI studios to create original images. Plus, we have our Graduate Guide and, for subscribers, a World Cup Wallchart

The June issue of CR focuses on CGI, with six illustrators collaborating with six CGI studios to create original images. Plus, this year’s Graduate Guide supplement and, for subscribers, a World Cup Wallchart

Our Graduate Guide has a wealth of advice and information for graduating students as well as degree show listings


Meanwhile, in the issue, we have organised a bit of cross-pollination between two very different styles of imagemaker.

We ran our first CGI special issue last July. In it we talked about the fact that, although CGI is a great photo-realistic problem-solving tool, it might be more interesting to see what use the technology could be put to in creating new kinds of imagery. So, for this issue we picked six illustrators and designers, most of whom have a hand-drawn aesthetic, and matched them with six CGI studios. We asked each pair to come up with one image which would represent a synthesis of their skills.

For the cover, we have a crop of one the images created for us. It’s based on this original pencil drawing by Von

Von and Ed Taylor, creative lead at CGI studio Taylor James, then worked together on how this image might translate into 3D. Eventually, they came up with this

a crop of which has been used on the cover.

Our other illustrator/CGI pairings are: Andy Gilmore/Happy Finish; Solomon Vaughan/Recom Farmhouse; James Joyce/Candy Lab (now known as The 3D Agency); Seb Lester/TigerX and Emily Forgot/Saddington & Baynes


Elsewhere in the issue we have a profile on Paul White and Me Company, currently celebrating 25 years of visualising the future


In Crit, Rick Poynor grapples with a difficult but rewarding new book on corporate identity from Dutch studio Metahaven


James Pallister checks out the Pick Me Up graphic art fair


And Jeremy Leslie checks out the first, faltering attempts to make magazines work on the iPad


In Monograph this month, for subscribers only, we have Kheiron, one of Me Company’s abstract image series, this time on the theme of hands

Last, but by no means least, we have the latest in our subscriber extras. You may recall that, over the past year, subscribers have received fold-out binders for Monograph, a Christmas tree, a kit to grow tomatoes, prints from the Photography Annual and postcards of previous covers.

With this issue, design studio Greenspace has kindly donated a copy of its World Cup Wallchart to all our UK subscribers.

It was designed by Martina Perrin and James Taylor at and produced by Nirvana CPH on 150 gsm Regency Satin from Howard Smith Paper.

Set in Cordale by Dalton Maag, the chart lists all 64 matches at the World Cup with the match number, date and kick-off time. The result of each game can then be written in, but only by arty types with extremely neat handwriting and fancy pens, of course.

Here’s the whole thing, as modelled in true design style by our deputy editor Mark

The June issue of CR goes on sale on May 28. Next issue: July and our first Illustration Annual


  • Another amazing cover. Reminds me of the Psygnosis logo.

  • I like the World Cup wallchart but It feels like I’d ruin it by writing on it unlike this hand drawn effort from an Austrian DJ and footy fan

  • The owl cover is beautiful art and how divine that it is a collaborative effort. I am finding myself really drawn to digitally-enhanced illustrations and photography at the moment. Instead of being unnatural, retouching can make the ordinary extraordinary in a paradoxically pure, literal sense. Like Supernature from the 1970’s, it’s a beautiful thing.

  • Vin Davis

    Not sure about the poncy World Cup/Dulux Colour Chart. I think I will use the pullout from NOTW! Hey CR, why could you not have given us the hand drawn effort from the Austrian DJ chap… much more interesting to use, to look at, to laugh at and to impress your mates with!

  • OOOOOooooooooooooooooh. Looking forward to this one. Looks like theres some very exciting image making this issue. Love the cover, but have to say: I think I prefer Von’s original.

  • About time you covered ME Company! x

  • A

    Awesome call on the Psygnosis logo comparisson. Psygnosis were awesome.
    Anyway, I love design fused with CGI, I think it really opens up many interesting doors. This issue looks promising

  • I was so impressed with the amount of detail in this post, and the beautiful pictures of the new CA, that I ordered a 2-year subscription. Back on the horse!

  • Sam

    Wicked, i just wish i could afford to buy the magazine.

  • I read about the free World Cup wall chart on the main page. After seeing images of it, I can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed, what’s the rationale for the colored pattern?

    Interestingly enough, Greenspace have also designed a second chart which is being given away with Grafik, there’s only one image of it on their website, but it looks to be a more of a 2 colour affair.

  • As always, Taylor James’s work is impeccable. Interesting to see CGI used in this much more illustrative way. Excellent post.
    visario studios

  • PatrickBurgoyne

    @ Amytiger

    Thanks – careful on that horse…

  • Darren

    World Cup Wallchart
    The world Cup is such a huge and inspiring international phenomena, and with this in mind I find it sad and frustrating that Greenspace have come up with such a dull and uninspiring offering. Neither does it say ‘Football’ or ‘Major World Event’. An event like this is full of passion and pride, yet I would feel cheated filling this wallchart in let alone putting it on my wall. My 8 year old son got all excited about it when I told him CR was going to have a World Cup wallchart in this month’s issue. So did I. But when he saw it, his reaction was ‘Yeah, whatever’, only a little less enthusiastic than mine. Let’s hope 4 years down the road we see something a bit more adventurous.

  • I know it’s a little late in the day – only a few hours to go before the world cup kicks-but but if your still searching for your perfect world cup wall chart check this out.

    It’s modestly titled The Best World Cup Wall Chart in the World. Ever! and can be downloaded from

    After all, your going to be living with this thing for the next 4 weeks!

  • neha

    nice cover!!!

  • Thank you! Great Blogpost!

  • Thanks for sharing ! I like the owl cover which is really imaging art. The presentation of character are looking great.