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Gesundheit: a contagious art exhibition


Posted by Eliza Williams, 19 May 2010, 11:57    Permalink    Comments (3)

By Jeroen Hofman

Back when the world was in the grip of swine flu panic (remember that?), James Sadler at 180 Amsterdam set up a project inviting creative folks to supply their artistic interpretation of a sneeze. The project, titled Gesundheit (that's the German equivalent to 'bless you', folks) now has several entries online, but 180 is on the hunt for more...

So far, many of the entries on the site have depicted sneezing in action, such as these...


By Mark Brumell


By Rahi Rezvani


By Maarten Wouters

However there have also been some graphic submissions...


By Nathalie Otter

By Sam Bevington

And also some more abstract interpretations of the brief, such as these two images by Denis Koval:



If these images have inspired you to create your own sneeze-esque work, you can add it to the Gesundheit website at 180 intends to use the work to raise money for an as-yet-unnamed charity, and also plans to exhibit it, in time for this year's winter flu season. There are also plans to create a book using the work. Get involved!





Make art, not mucus.
2010-05-21 18:27:56

Mucus is for free
Mucus is for you and me
It makes for better living
And harmony
2010-05-25 01:46:28

abnehmen mit Schüssler Salzen
2011-06-24 19:16:04

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