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Kay returns to John Smith's and more nice work


Posted by Eliza Williams, 7 May 2010, 14:53    Permalink    Comments (15)


Need a distraction from the election mess? Check out this selection of great work that we've seen at CR Towers of late. First up, comedian Peter Kay and his 'no nonsense' character make a witty return to John Smith's advertising. The agency is TBWALondon, director is Daniel Kleinman.



London based agency-cum-collective The Assembly is behind this series of ads for design site of the eight ads are shown here.



BBH New York and director Aaron Duffy has created a series of tests emphasising the speed of the new Google Chrome beta. See the making-of here.



Director Sam Peacocke (Rokkit/Robber's Dog) has created this interactive music video for Shihad's single Sleepeater. The site is a kaleidoscope of 105 mini film clips, all of which can be viewed separately. See the site here.



Finally, we end with a film that finds director Spike Jonze in front of the camera for a change. He stars in this seemingly lo-fi film for Lakai footwear. Directed by Johannes Gamble/Federico Vitetta.




I think the Google Speed Tests are brilliant. I found the Google Chrome "number of tabs open" campaign really boring so it's great to see Google having a bit of fun!
Not everyone knows what a browser is and even if they do, it's probable that they do not have a preference between them as long as they can get on the internet. I think this video - and The Making Of, which I would argue is possibly better than the finished piece - will communicate to normal internet users that another option for surfing the internet exists and that is it worth going to the trouble of downloading it.
Really great work I think.
Steph Burningham
2010-05-07 15:52:26

The Peter Kay adverts is perfect, so well paced and great punchline.
2010-05-07 16:03:39

I really liked Tim Browns Google Chrome ads to.!
Robin Howie
2010-05-07 17:23:28

The ads are the most literal metaphors I've seen in a print ad in 15 years. I like the Chrome stuff though.
2010-05-07 17:29:20

The Peter Kay ad is so funny. Got to love him
Graphic Design Manchester
2010-05-08 11:47:10

The John Smiths advert is not particularly original. Though he may not have been the first, Micheal McIntyre has had a very similar joke in his stand up for at least two years. Love the Chrome stuff.
2010-05-08 15:45:10

I absolutely adore that Lakai spot. Something a little mesmerising about it on repeat viewings.
Secretly Swedish
2010-05-09 12:09:52

I love comedian Peter Kay. I only wish I could be that direct with the people I have to deal with on a daily basis.
Eya M.
2010-05-09 18:28:36

Jesus wept Peter Kay bores me to tears.
2010-05-10 16:49:30

Spike J sneaker ad is quite boring verses the Google Chrome ad which is awesome. Coolhunting prints are amazing.
2010-05-11 13:22:08

Clearly the copywriter couldn't have been at the filming, as this ad lacks the wit that I can only assume was in the original script. Try reading this script to your friends and you would never read it the way Kay has. Really poor execution, and quite a let down as i was looking forward to the ad.
Steve Lodge
2010-05-11 13:36:08

I'm with Neil (above) regarding Peter Kay's tear inducing bordomania. Also the 'joke' comes from a sketch done (much better) many moons ago by 'man stroke woman'.... link below
2010-05-11 13:49:37

Good old Spike Jonze. Still original.
Chad's Eye View
2010-05-11 16:09:54

Appropriately for the product, Peter Kay pasteurises, filters and smooths the life out of an old joke... then probably charges a bit more for it.e
Michael McIntyre
2010-05-11 16:32:02

In the Chrome vs Lightning they hit the right mouse button instead of the left :D
2010-05-18 08:47:28

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