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Posted by Mark Sinclair, 25 May 2010, 15:25    Permalink    Comments (19)

Massimo Gammacurta's logo lollipops are brought together in a new book, a sickly sweet collection of corporate iconography rendered in brightly coloured sugar...

Gammacurta first distributed his special lollipops over the internet, as an art experiment, and they were picked up (licked up?) by numerous bloggers.

The New York-based photographer has previously worked with Surface and Esquire magazines, plus brands such as Nike and Lexus, and will be showing his lollipop images at the Visionairs Gallery, Rue des Carmes 14, 75005 Paris, France from May 18 until June 7.

His book, Lolli-pop, can be ordered directly from BIS publishers' website, here. More of Gammacurta's work at

Spreads from the book:

The sugar Apple cover:


mmm these look tastey
2010-05-25 16:06:00

They look nice but it would be interesting to taste the brands.
2010-05-25 16:11:07

i wanna Mac logopop!
2010-05-25 16:27:08

Nah, rubbish.
2010-05-25 16:57:25

I find it interesting that the artist has purposely included imperfections... the drippiness, the airbubbles... Making a perfectly pristine logopop is more than feasible, and is indeed done by many a promotional supply company. Was he making a statement about the fragility and frivolity of brands and consumerism? Or, more likely, was it just so we all know that "this is *ART* okay?!? Not just a bit of promotional candy floss". Riiiight.

PS: Eleanor - I just checked out your page. I love your stuff!
2010-05-25 17:43:05

they actually look delicious
2010-05-25 22:20:08

Brilliant idea!
Ben Neale
2010-05-25 22:35:11

this is so f-ing cool!!!!!!!
2010-05-25 22:40:07

what's the deal regarding copyright issues? I'd be interested to know.
logo police
2010-05-26 04:35:23


Such a creative take on the usually "perfect" and "flawless" logos.
2010-05-26 09:01:16

surely once you've seen one, you can imagine the rest. a WHOLE BOOK? suckers. literally.
2010-05-26 09:05:55

@ Margo

Bit of both really, certainly think it looks visually more interesting keeping these imperfections.
Dave - Graphic Design Essex
2010-05-26 11:49:50

Will be in Paris on the weekend...will certainly visit the gallery.

Just in time to catch the exhibition.

Cheers for the article
location ve
2010-05-26 14:29:00

I was at the exhibition last week.

The photographs (roughly 1 meter in real life) were amazing in person.

I don't think the tiny thumbnails do them justice.
2010-05-27 03:22:42

yeah wanna eat it !
iNage Angie
2010-05-27 08:49:50

"i wanna Mac logopop!"

The iPop.
2010-05-28 13:56:51

I think that the images are fantastic and I would love to see them on a big scale at the exhibition.

Ive long been a fan of Gammacurtas work, in particular his Anorexia Story images.
Scott Duncan
2010-05-30 10:57:53

cool... but why would you buy a book of them?!
Captain Walnut
2010-05-31 13:44:31

Haha! I like these! Very creative!
2011-04-06 12:48:44

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