World Cup calendar poster

Designer David Watson of design studio Trebleseven has designed a colourful, typographic World Cup poster (detail shown above) to raise money for Soccer Aid…

Designer David Watson of design studio Trebleseven sent in his colourful, typographic World Cup poster (detail shown above) so, seeing as we’re showing lots of football related bits, we thought we’d share it here…

“I’ve created the poster to support Soccer Aid,” Watson tells us. The idea is simple: sales of the A1 double sided poster raises money for Soccer Aid – a British charity event which raises money for UNICEF.

The front side of the poster (below) lists all the groups, A-H so you can clearly see which countries are in which group. A calendar runs down the right hand side listing chronologically all the matches to be played in the tournament:

The reverse of the poster (below) functions as a bold World Cup calendar – showing clearly what games are being played on each day:

The A1 double sided poster, produced in collaboration with G&B printers and PhoeniXmotion paper, is currently on press but will be available to buy soon for the princely sum of £10 (£7 for the print, £3 for post/packaging).

For more info and to buy one, contact David Watson on


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  • My mum’s after a collectible poster for the tournament. She’d struggle with this and will probably stick with the daily paper’s easy to follow and throwaway charts, as will I.

    Shame, very good cause but way too confusing.

  • I think this poster is lovely, and I hope to order one or two of them. I love the colors!

  • Love the colours, but is a bit too confusing!

  • Joe

    Nice, but doesn’t look like you can write in the results, which is surely the most fun part of a world cup wallchart?

  • Gaurav

    This is beautiful and supporting a great cause! Please get this to the US ASAP!

  • deWethouder

    this is RocknRoll baby! I’ll order a couple of them for sure!!

  • Love it!

  • SJL Website Design

    Sweet design, nice way to get all that info onto a poster.
    Can’t wait to get one, thanks for sharing.

  • Claire

    Fantastic use of colour and type

  • totally confused by this, these charts should make things easier!

  • Ben Prescott

    Very cool poster – love the colours, got a bit of a interest in this as I have my own World Cup wallchart on my website for sale at £5 – – have to say I aggree a little with Joe, the best part of a world cup wallchart is filling it out yourself… which I’ve tried to aim for with mine.

  • Hectic!

    However, Ben, yours is lovely. Simple. I’ve sent the link to my dad as he was looking for a wallchart. Good job. Crispin Finn would make a perfect one! (I’ll email them now . . . :)

  • matthew leeks

    Nice one Ben!

    All a world cup wall chart needs to be…

    Nice layout & colour use to the front side on Davids poster though, no doubt, but the reverse sends my eye’s spinning all over it! I don’t know where i’m looking and that’s a hinderance for any serious wall chart filler-inner

  • I feel it works down until the end of the group stages, then it becomes a bit chaotic and inconsistent. Give me a shout in four years time, (or indeed, 2 years time for the Euros) and I’ll show you how it should be done.

  • David Watson

    Q. Can you fill in the results? – of course you can

    Check out the Flickr set/photos

    Contact me below to buy your copy

  • Brilliant execution of colour and typography which will be in keeping for a real carnival experience at this year’s World Cup in south africa. There are so many poorly designed wall charts out there and this one certainly stands out and above all the rest in the field!

  • Fat Typo

    I don’t see the problem here… it is clear, not confusing, with space to write in the scores for all the qualifying round matches, plus the team names that are winners and runners-up in their groups, and the same with QF, SF, right up to the final and 3rd/4th place matches – Simples!

    Nice job, neatly executed. I want one!

  • Designed for designers.

    I’m a fan but I know why many won’t be.

  • Tim

    It’s not there to be read, it’s there to be recognised! Nice one!

  • I love it but i wouldn’t write in the results. I think it’s just fine as a poster. The flikr page shows how it works but it’s too pretty to write on in my opinion.

  • Matt

    The poster by Ben looks great. Nice, clean and simple.For me filling it in the key to a good football wallchart. Love the use of the font, looks like the Subbuteo text. Got it off his website, can’t wait for mine to arrive. Come on England!

  • @Abi, @Mathew, @Matt thanks for your comments guys, glad to see you liking the wallchart – available here

  • “The reverse of the poster functions as a bold World Cup calendar – showing clearly what games are being played on each day”

    Does it?

    P.S. I don’t mind the front of it though!

  • ken Walker

    Love the front – the back’s a tad busy though.

  • good stuff, love the use of colour a lot

  • Jason

    This is a brilliant deviation away from the usual, tired wallchart formats. Well done for being brave enough to be different.

  • Jack

    cool poster where do u get one ?

  • Buy direct from

    Magma | Covent Garden & Clerkenwell have a limited amount

  • Johnathan

    Really like the bright, bold and striking feel of David Watson’s poster, but also like the simplicity of Ben Prescott’s

    I feel disappointed though at the blatent advertising by Ben on the posting on an item that is supporting a charity – sorry if I have misunderstood but are you supporting a charity Ben?

  • Pancho

    Here is one that is easier to read and is FREE!

  • Joko_Ono

    I love the typeface & colours – what is it?

  • Hazel Lewis

    Shame it wasn’t available before the start of the World Cup tournament!
    Hazel Lewis

  • Rob

    Ugly and poorly concepted

  • Rob

    Ugly and poorly concepted

  • good calendar poster.

  • I’m in late but…great design!