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Posted by Creative Review, 29 November 2010, 15:54    Permalink    Comments (9)

Given the crossover between creative types and fancy bikes, London cycle shop Push could be onto a winner with its new art club, selling cycling themed posters

Starting from December 11, Push will be selling original screenprinted posters in editions of 30 at £30 each. Half of the profits will go to the artist and half will go to the Brain Tumour Trust, we are promised.

The first five posters to go on sale are by Riccardo Guasco (above), Jean Jullien (below)


Rami Niemi


Richard Cooper


and Sheer Power

More details here


Fantastic idea. Love it!
2010-11-29 16:38:20

One of my clients is a former Olympic cyclist. I shall send him the link :)
Kev Adamson
2010-11-29 16:53:20

Seems the cycling community is really producing some nicely designed products! I've recently seen these as well
2010-11-30 10:23:20

Good the first one by Riccardo Guasco - excellent.
am:pm graphics - Web design Stoke-on-Trent
2010-11-30 11:10:45

Great stuff.
Still love this cracker at TFL poster site:
2010-11-30 11:46:53

Sweet. Loving Riccardo Guasco's print.
Char Char
2010-11-30 12:24:57

Really nice prints, especially Riccardo Guasco's!
Ben Champion Stevenson
2010-11-30 14:55:34

Minneapolis has been doing this for years. It's called Art Crank:

Coincidentally, they also held their first show London in September:
Dr Max Rosa
2010-11-30 15:38:00

I wonder if people will be thinking of the images as they cycle?
2010-12-05 21:54:00

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