Skoda gets mean

Skoda reinvents its previous Cake ad in a new TV commercial that aims to promote the Fabia’s new, ‘meaner’ side…

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Skoda reinvents its previous Cake ad in a new TV commercial that aims to promote the Fabia’s new, ‘meaner’ side…

The ad, for the high-performance Fabia vRS, mocks the feel-good atmosphere of the Skoda Cake ad, which saw a Fabia car constructed out of cake. The new ad again sees a car being made, but this time things are much tougher: burly men headbutt, bite and punch the car into shape, and the engine is a nest of snakes. The soundtrack is a heavy metal version of My Favourite Things (Julie Andrews sang on Cake), and in contrast to the ‘Made of Lovely Stuff’ tagline of the Cake ad, this spot ends with ‘Made of Meaner Stuff’.

“We always said we’d never make a sequel to Cake, but when the vRS brief came along we thought we’d make an opposite,” says creative director Chris Bovill. “Cake made our Mums smile, this should make them want to hide behind a cushion.”

Agency: Fallon
Creative directors: Chris Bovill, John Allison
Production company: Somesuch
Director: Nick Gordon

  • oliver

    Ten different kinds of awesome.

  • Graphic Design Manchester

    Extreme ad. Not a bad looking motor either.

  • Ross Pichler


  • Nish Patel

    A very creative idea I like how Skoda are promoting their new car as a beast and how the softer cake idea is killed :) The engine with the snakes represents the guts of the car with the venom making it pure evil. The whole ad just shows a new beast of a car from Skoda with the model and been stripped down and a good car turn in a monster of a car.

  • Stu Mason

    Love it! Brilliantly unique and engaging – just what the industry needs these days!

  • Simon

    Got so much time for this advert it’s untrue.

  • Space & Time Design

    Great ad… huge comparison to the cake car!

  • AnsteyDesign

    Skoda (VW) have been carefully reinventing their identity and this is just another (fantastic) step in the right direction. We loved the cake advert for it’s creativeness and originality and we love the fact that Skoda aren’t afraid to poke fun at themselves.

  • graphic

    Excellent stuff! It is pretty awesome. Great music too.

  • Ben Champion Stevenson

    Fierce ad! really liked it, genuinely gives the Skoda some street cred.

  • Stefano Moro

    Great stuff. I have always loved Nick Gordon.

  • Simon Palmer

    The wheels are made from melted down Samurai swords! Brilliant!

  • rafal

    great ad. love it.

  • bluepigcreative


  • Philip Curnow Photography

    Not only a brilliant advert – but one that gets the name “Skoda” in front of the customer in a way that they’ll remember – in a positive fashion . . . . . which is what advertising is about !

  • Devilgate

    Has every comment so far been from a Fallon employee? I think it starts off well but then goes randomly all over the place with analogies, engines made from snakes, humans with robot eys and arms? That’s not a good ad guys. It comes across as made by someone who’s a bit poncey and doesn’t really know much about cars.

  • Roger Mann

    Funny, creative, well filmed and above all memorable.

  • Karl Stones

    Well done chaps, brilliant idea. I love its simplicity. The stigma of the brand is now long gone. Skoda is now a serous option for any serious car buyer. The TV spot has the same guts and cheekiness of when Citreon launched their Saxo VTR. Remember their press campaign? They tipped on a piece of toilet paper, with the message ‘0-60 in 6.8 secs’. Looking forward to seeing what you guys do.

  • Keech

    It doesn’t remind me of the Skoda my dad used to have in the 80s.

  • James Wallace

    Brilliant. A great sequel.

  • sonja

    Another great job sound job from Wave studios They deserve a mention!

  • david janes

    beavis, butthead.

  • Susan Pierce Sloan

    It’s ok but I don’t think it has anywhere near the simplicity and punch of the first one – it feels like an overstretch to be honest.

  • Andi Rusyn

    Contrasting the original cutesy cake with something altogether different is a great idea and perfect for a high performance model, but, unfortunately, the creative doesn’t live up to the idea. Made by a bunch of psychopaths would be a more appropriate strap line. The execution also falls short of Fallon’s usually impeccable standards.

  • Paul Phelan

    Great! made me laugh. some clever touches. Like the opposing sides, rivalry, intimidation. Both adverts stand alone.

  • Kim

    Why are the lyrics whispered? Without the punch of loud, raw music (and lyrics) to accompany the footage it falls a little flat. Even keeping the original Julie Andrews song would have been better – and more humourous. Go hard or go home.

  • sergethew


  • Dan Osman

    Wow it is certainly changing the public’s view of the Skoda brand!

    Nice One Fallon.

  • Dave G

    Skoda havecome on in leapsand bounds since the early eighties when they were the butt ofmany jokes

  • Justice

    I would have thought Pichler would have preferred an advert where someone was being bullied, where the bully could be a cheese-ball footballer (“who’d do ANYTHING for his relatives” – yes, you did notice the underlying threat in this quoted utterance of an low-class idiot suffering with an inferiority complex.) who then claims the new Skoda makes you a better human being because of the price and brand.

    By the way… oooooo a nobody chav footballer, please don’t hurt me…with your lack of taste and class hahahahahaha

  • mark

    love the song……very marilyn manson……. and the streetfightered bike superb