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What Makes Your Day?

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Posted by Patrick Burgoyne, 8 November 2010, 15:31    Permalink    Comments (13)

It's a miserable day outside the windows of CR Towers so we thought you might like something to cheer you up: What Makes Your Day? a short film on happiness by Kingston University animation student Napatsawan Chirayukool

Chirayukool has won an Adobe Design Achievement Award for the film.


Really enjoyed that video!
Lorna Syson
2010-11-08 16:33:38

Trish Fischer
2010-11-08 19:06:34

I saw this at D&AD New Blood this year - made my day the first time I saw it, and has done the same again now! Thanking you!
Jenny Huddart
2010-11-08 20:48:33

A reason to smile :)
2010-11-09 06:04:06

Love it! It is a bit grey outside but I feel all happy now :) Thanks for a really nice start to the day.
Firebubble Logo Design
2010-11-09 08:53:01

Great start to the day!
web design chester
2010-11-09 09:13:10

Lovely stuff, thanks for sharing...
Simon Palmer
2010-11-09 12:53:57

Great work Napatsawan. Time for a cuppa.
2010-11-09 13:40:08

Cant believe House Music didn't get a mention, tut tut.
Graphic Design Manchester
2010-11-09 17:36:49

Just lovely... made me smile
Stephanie Shore
2010-11-10 10:10:53

Really great job. Nicely animated and fun to watch.
2010-11-10 14:31:46

Thank you made my day
sharon jones
2010-11-10 15:10:07

that was sweeet
Kim Nguyen
2010-11-15 22:15:48

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