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Doritos celebrates late nights with a 360° interactive video

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Posted by Eliza Williams, 20 October 2010, 11:53    Permalink    Comments (5)

Doritos has teamed up with director Chris Cairns to create a 360° interactive video starring rapper Professor Green as part of a promotion for the brand's new range of 'late night' snacks. A non-interactive version of the film is shown above, visit for the full 360° experience.


The video forms part of a music-themed campaign for Doritos from AMV BBDO. It sees Professor Green and his entourage visit a warehouse party, where they encounter an unexpected set of groupies. Viewers can interact by choosing where to look in the room (plus it's also fun just to whirl the camera around and around too). The film is currently being hosted via a heavily branded Doritos channel on YouTube, though contains no overt branding itself.

Cairns shot the video using the Point Grey Ladybug 3 camera system. "It's a pentagonal box with a 2MP digital camera on each of the five faces and a camera pointing straight up," he explains. "These cameras shoot at 16 frames per second. Video from each of the cameras is stitched together to make a flat image known as an equirectangular projection (like how the earth looks on a map). The flat image is then projected onto the inside of a sphere and the user controls the camera at the centre of the sphere.


"It was a really fun challenge and totally different to a traditional film shoot," he continues. "The camera sees in all directions at all times except straight down where we had a stripped-down electric wheelchair rig. This means that the crew have to be in a separate room during takes. Also having cuts in the film seemed to me to be jarring and 'unimmersive' in this instance, so I wanted the whole video to feel like one shot so there's no disconnect for the viewer. They decide where to look at all times." The team had one day to light the video, and then shot it in one "reasonably hectic" day.

The video will appear as part of a free iPhone app that will be available to download soon. As well as the Professor Green video, the campaign also includes an augmented reality video for Rhianna, which will soon be available to view online at (special packs of Late Night chips contain the info to unlock the AR aspects of the vid), alongside promotions with other musicians.


Agency: AMV BBDO
Copywriter: Prabs Wignarajah
Art director: Jeremy Tribe
Production company: Partizan Darkroom
Director: Chris Cairns
Executive producer: Jordan McGarry
Production company: Martin Poyner
Post-production: The Mill



he killz da zombies wiv his wicked bass. shizzle!
Doctor Black
2010-10-20 14:07:21

Viewing the 360° video kinda blew my mind a little!
2010-10-20 16:56:20

Such a shame!

What a great idea but ruined by a poor track and visuals.

Still, great bit of kit. cant wait to see what happens with it next!

Joe Childs
2010-10-21 23:14:00

You can actually host the whole 360 video on the CR blog. Just grab the embed code from here (and paste into the html).

Thanks for the post!

2010-10-22 17:57:44


you can now get this for the iphone. Very good.
2010-11-27 16:52:06

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