New Channel 4 branding by Rudd Studio

Five years on from their rebranding work for the channel, Rudd Studio updates the Channel 4 splintering logo in a series of new on-air graphics packages

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Five years on from their rebranding work for the channel, Rudd Studio updates the Channel 4 splintering logo in a series of new on-air graphics packages…

Keeping the famous logo centre stage – the original multi-barred “4” was the creation of Martin Lambie-Nairn in 1982 – Rudd Studio has created a series of new animations of the graphic, with this new work attempting a more “oblique” and “cubist” feel, they say.

The studio’s Matt Rudd worked with animation director Oscar Gonzalez to develop a way of viewing the logo from two angles at once. “It seemed appropriate for the channel to see things in an unusual way,” he says. “We were surprised at how the logo remained recognisable, even with only small details of it revealed.

“We made many of the on air elements five years ago so that they would incorporate video or photographic images,” Rudd continues. “This device has helped the Channel’s latest identity to endure well, and we chose to keep it.”

The new graphics package includes 100 one-second stings and several animating textures which contain photography.

Rudd Studio worked closely with designer/director Sylvie Minois on this part of the project with photography by Minois, Eleanor Ridsdale and Matt Rudd.

  • mark

    really like it – spot on with fluidity and level of complexity – could have easily slipped into something a lot messier and overdone.

  • Congratulations. A lovely development of an already strong identity.

  • Hypnotic; the use of the music in sync with the fracturing on-air Channel 4 branding helps to calm a very angular interpretation of the brand. It’s not mentioned but I assume that it is also part of the on-air rebrand? I hope so.

    The split screen probably alludes to the channel’s attitude to looking at things differently; I like it – IMO, a successful reinterpretation and progression for the on-air identity.

  • Absolutely love it, great update to already good branding. Really loving the style and it feels very channel 4 to me.

  • Great work, the change in perspective still retains the effect of the old style brand while giving it a more current twist.

  • GeeDee

    Nice stuff! Would be interesting to see it without the big grey line,but keeping the split screen effect. Amazing how versatile the C4 logo is. Good job.

  • A simple but stunning update – perfect!

  • Did I see this the other day with the dispatches ‘unstitching’ ident running too… all a little too much for me, but I’m probably not the demographic anymore.

  • Congratulations. A lovely development of an already strong identity.

  • BRILLIANT! Very Channel 4 and in line with their ethos. Well done!

  • Awesome. The transition into the TX details is particularly sweet. Nice work Matt

  • Wow. Really really nice. Great work

  • Lovely work which looks very fresh yet retains that “4” feel.

  • Rob

    Really really great.
    Over the last few years I think Channel 4, supported by it’s sister channels, has firmly become the best choice on the box, in terms of both design and programming. Programmes are more cutting edge, and ad campaigns and idents are intriguing i.e Daniel Eatock’s Big Brother logo as well as his earlier billboard campaigns. They are pushing the boat out with programmes such as Seven Days, and while it might not have hit the viewing figure heights expected, the potential of the concept is quite awesome.

    If the BBC strived a little harder, I don’t think you would hear as many people complaining about the licence fee.

  • Paul Rudd

    Good work from a fellow Rudd!

  • speechless. Channel 4 always come out with new formats, new trends. I love the oblique and the “box-like” feel. Great vision. Fantastic imaginary. Perfect interplay with the sound. Definitely cool mood.

  • A

    Always Love Channel 4s Motion graphics, this is no exception.

  • A really great way of refreshing an already strong identity. The music is fantastic as well, it works well with the imagery to really hold your attention.

  • Nice work. The clean greys really allow the content to shine whilst the bold composition keeps the brand in the foreground. Like it.

  • Christopher

    Lovely work, as a Brit living in Sydney, this really shows how far ahead the UK is in terms of design. Most of the Australian TV networks over here seem to be stuck in some kind of American 1980’s timewarp. In fact his has just added to my homesickness, thanks Creative Review!

  • Channel 4’s idents have set the standard for some years; now they have the infographics to match.

  • i like the idea. I think its quite hard to follow up the past channel 4 preview with the “4” being created out of odd shapes and buildings and what not. I think this idea flows from the past quite well as it has its similarities and isn’t completely a change in design. I like the idea of seeing it at different angles or in an usual way kind of reflects back to the the programs on it.

    The sound could have been slightly more in-tune though i think with the 18 to 34 year olds. I fall in this demographic and I just think it needs to be slightly funkier or techno. Just the way that you see these different angles makes it feel like it needs it.

    Good transition to this new idea.

  • Marc Atkinson

    The stills don’t do this credit – fantastic refresh, really stunning.

  • This is beautiful. I like the sound, it will have the potential to be timeless and it’s catchy but without being too over the top. Lovely job!

  • Adam: They are the idents and are still in use in conjunction with these new graphics, these are the graphics for announcing what is up next.

  • Channel 4’s angles has always got my attention, for the right reasons.

  • Steve Jones

    Stunning work as ever from the mighty Rudd Studio. I just love the bravery at seeing how far the iconic branding could be fragmented, with a tremendously successful result.

  • tahir

    bold colours, strong type, hard edges. striking music
    whats not to like !!

    Abso – bloody – lutely brilliant. best thing ive seen in ages.

  • Massimo

    I really disagree with everybody and find this update absolutely confusing and unnecessary.

    The previous design was fantastic, it had managed to bring a very ’80s logo into the new millennium without actually changing it at all. it worked beautifully in either static and dynamic versions, there was absolutely no need whatsoever to change it again. It is now much less readable and it really spoils the brand.

    As usual, as soon as there is a new head of a company (in this case David Abrahams, the new chief exec), they want to put their on mark on things to make sure everybody knows they’re there. The branding of a company should be changed only when it’s not working anymore, not just because somebody wants to have a more personal version of it.

    As the Americans say: if it ain’t broken, why fix it?

  • Sam

    Very, very nice!

  • Grilla Login

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  • Tr.

    i like it but i prefer the old one…..this looks more like something for the web rather than TV.

  • I think this is a sensitive evolution of the brand and the results really appeal to me. The sound design is pretty avant-garde for a terrestrial channel and really moves it away from the competition, which is never far behind — and it’s aspirational in that as much as it will appeal to opinion-formers and taste-makers like Creative Review readers (well, most of them anyway).

    Channel 4 have built real equity in the consistent use of their brand typeface, and it is an indication of the maturity of the identity that they can now rely on this as a key identifier, rather than a repetitive static presentation of the logo. And I love the way it is isn’t covered in effects and embellishments.


    As the Americans say: if it ain’t broken, why fix it?
    that would make for a very boring visual world.

    you can’t fault it. i agree with the positive comments. everything is on the money – the new cubist design is done superbly. no other channel stings succeed in making me want to watch a program more than channel 4’s when you see a slice of abstract footage though a bar. when done right, it makes you focus on detail of the video/photography whetting the appetite for the show/program proper. this rebrand brings in an even more abstract dimension to play on and should see it through another 5 years..

    also, if 3D TV takes off, it will work brilliantly..?

  • Dave Da Designer AKA DDD

    “The branding of a company should be changed only when it’s not working anymore”
    Firstly I think many people would say that a change of branding should reflect a change within the business not just a new coat of paint to catch up with current trend and paper over the cracks and that an ailing brand indicates a deeper problem within the business that ain’t going to be fixed by tarting up the logo (pardon my quaint cockney colloquialism girls).

    I don’t see much UK TV so I don’t know if something terrible is happening with C4 but… This looks to me more like the celebration of a healthy and confident brand that understands and doesn’t under estimate it’s audience.

  • Dan Rayner

    A beautiful and elegant solution to a fresh branding concept. Very contemporary looking. Love it.

  • Have to agree with the majority, very eye catching, I like this a lot. Some many qualities to appreciate. It’s respectful of what’s gone before and develops a strong identity further still. And it *feels* like Channel 4, they’ve captured the brand perfectly.

    Great work and hats off to Rudd Studio and Channel 4. I look forward to seeing it broadcast.

  • I nearly cried. The best thing I’ve seen in a long, long time.

  • Can I be controversial and say I hate it?

    No. I tried and failed. Love it.

  • Preferring these much more to the rather contrived scenic sequences.

  • Channel 4 are always spot on with their design work – just a shame that they don’t make as much effort with their actual programmes as they used to.

  • Jason

    Nice, but not really a ‘New Brand’ or ‘Rebrand’ – Basic elements are the same as before, or am I missing something? Having said that I’m glad they didn’t change the branding, so … good work.

  • Jamie

    Clean and elegant. Do agree with GeeDee though, wonder what it would’ve looked like without the slightly clunky grey line divider. I’m sure there’s a good reason though, it’s just a tiny gripe.

  • Lord Elkington

    seriously…?! if this had come unannounced I wouldn’t even have noticed. agree it was nice in the first place, it’s a subtle twist at most. I just hope it didn’t cost them much because nothing has really changed.

  • lovely!

  • Stunning bit of execution. There are a number of networks that could really learn from this sort of discipline. Having worked at a US broadcaster for years as a CD, I really applaud this sort of creative intelligence.

    Found a similar article with a bit more background on the C4 brief at Art & Business of Motion if anyone is looking for more info.

  • Aaron

    Love it.

    Was the music made for the project? Or can i find it anywhere?

  • Gareth

    Great work, love the music too!

    On their vimeo page it says that the music was made by Oscar Gonzalez at Rudd Studio.

  • Wow, now that’s a logo. Pretty unique.