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Waiting for Superman infographics trailer

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Posted by Mark Sinclair, 21 October 2010, 16:12    Permalink    Comments (9)

Produced by directing team Buck, this animated 'pledge' trailer is for the forthcoming Davis Guggenheim film, Waiting For Superman, that investigates the crisis in the US education system...

David Guggenheim directed An Inconvenient Truth and with Waiting For Superman turns his attention to the problems in the US public schools system. According to the infographic-laden trailer, the US is currently has an enormous social problem on its hands with a child dropping out of high school every 36 seconds – that's 1.2m a year.

The trailer neatly illustrates the inequalities that follow a broken education, but reinforces the huge benefits (to the individual and society) that a successful, working schools system can bring.

The 'pledge' trailer is a collaboration between Buck and for Participant Media and director Davis Guggenheim. More on the film at

Music and mix by CypherAudio.

Buck credits:
Creative Director: Ryan Honey
Executive Producer: Maurie Enochson
Producer: Eric Badros
Art Director: Joe Mullen
Animation: Jorge R. Canedo Estrada
Original Music: John Black credits: 
Co-producers: Carolyn Sams, Wendy Cohen



Wow, great trailer. Very impactful. I love the graphics.
Tom C.
2010-10-21 18:53:49

It is very informative and you can understand the message very well. I like it!
2010-10-22 04:15:39

Why are infographics becoming too flashy... Nice work but not appropriate.
2010-10-22 09:27:14

Neville Brody will be turning in his graveā€¦
2010-10-22 13:41:16

Why's the graphic style of this not appropriate? If you are going to write a contentious comment you need to explain it otherwise it is pointless.

Great work, good use of the colour scheme, impactful message and interesting use of sound design. Good stuff.
James Greenfield
2010-10-22 14:05:37

Very good.
2010-10-23 16:42:28

this is a million years old, motionographer had it on their blog in june mehinks. Get with the times.
2010-10-24 17:40:32

Graphic Design Manchester
2010-10-26 10:50:16

@geedee well its a good thing he isnt dead, [comment deleted by moderator]
2010-11-02 04:36:00

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