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Jeffrey Brown's Mewgatz comic


Posted by Mark Sinclair, 21 September 2010, 11:58    Permalink    Comments (1)

US comic book artist Jeffrey Brown knows a thing or two about heartbreak, so his work seems particularly well matched with Mewgatz's latest album, which is full of lyrics on the theme of lost and found love...

For the Bristol-based musician's new release, Love Songs And Carboot Electronica, Brown created an illustrated six-panel digipack and a 16-page comic book that features a brief wordless comic strip (four panels at most) for each track on the album.

Brown's own books are achingly bittersweet (see Clumsy and Unlikely in particular), and his drawings that accompany each of Mewgatz's songs reflect the low-spec electronic gagetry, the "circuitbent keyboards", modified synths and toys that were used to create the music.

Love Songs And Carboot Electronica is out now on the Brighton-based label, One Inch Badge.

1 Comment

i could do better.

just my sense of humor.
2010-09-22 16:27:51

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