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Plumen: the designer lightbulb

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Posted by Patrick Burgoyne, 9 September 2010, 16:20    Permalink    Comments (19)

The Plumen attempts to marry beauty with utility in a low energy lightbulb that doesn't need to hide its charms under a shade

The Plumen comes from Hulger, the electronics company set up by Michael-George Hemus and Nicolas Roope, founder of digital agency Poke, which first came to prominence by retooling vintage telephone handsets to work with modern mobiles.

It was developed with designer Sam Wilkinson and protype versions have already been acquired by the collections of MoMa in New York and the V&A.

"It's strange that the bulb, an object so synonymous with ideas, is almost entirely absent of imagination," says Roope of the idea behind its development.

Today sees its launch as a commercial product. The Plumen 001, its makers say, uses 80% less energy and lasts eight times longer than incandescent bulbs. It costs £20, has a predicted lifetime of eight years and puts out the equivalent of 60 watts.

The Plumen is available here.

Product photographs: Andrew Penketh. Interiors photographs: Tom Mannion


Cracking innovative new product. I love the thinking behind this.
Jennifer Smith
2010-09-09 16:59:19

2010-09-09 21:52:00

I love the size of the bulb and how it sticks out of conventional light fittings. Good idea that up-markets an everyday object into something to be admired. Will be checking my light fitting to see if it will fit when I get home!
Tom Newton
2010-09-10 09:20:00

It is so attractive ... I love it .. UMMA
2010-09-10 10:44:39

But does it take 10 minutes to warm up like normal energy saving bulbs?
2010-09-10 10:59:33

Its great, about time!
Fiona Rennick
2010-09-10 11:39:38

With people placing more focus on lighting as a design feature these days, it's about time someone answered the call for something better than those ugly white units.

Well done you new-lightbulb peeps.
Gavin Martin
2010-09-10 12:24:52

Ah thats coffee shop is down the road from me, will have to pop in to check them bulbs out
Phil McNeill
2010-09-10 16:20:32

Stop messing with my brilliant designs!
Thomas Edison
2010-09-10 17:16:41

I wonder how effective they truly are, all of the pictures show them in areas with strong natural lighting. They are very aesthetically pleasing though.
2010-09-10 17:52:52

Equivalent of 60 watts is quite a bit. If you have a bigger room than you need more bulbs to illuminate the space.
2010-09-10 18:06:00

this is a "great idea"...a tube with mercury in it... now sticking out from under a protective hood...Think I will stick with the ones that don't.

Haz-mat dispatched to your home to clean up the bulb...not a good idea!
2010-09-10 18:13:00

I still really like the old-style round shaped bulbs we used to have. They will always have that distinct shape. When you thing of a light bulb, you think slight round with a screwy bit on the end!
Ian Bolton
2010-09-13 15:44:57

"Ah thats coffee shop is down the road from me, will have to pop in to check them bulbs out"

@Phil McNeill

Could you let me know where?
Is it in London?

Joseph Barnes
2010-09-13 15:54:33

I like them.
Graphic Design Manchester
2010-09-13 16:52:05

Beautiful. Just bought one.
Simon Manchipp
2010-09-13 20:14:05

I'm not sure how I feel about these lightbulbs. I understand the thought behind creating something different. And I don't mind the lamp with the sticky out bit, however I'm not sure I would purchase one or find a lampshade that is smaller than the bulb, so I could make a feature of it. To be frank, I'd rather have a nice looking lampshade than a bright swirly bulb which imprints its glow in my eyes for 10 minutes after switching it on.
In saying that, I'm not averse to challenging design...its just my opinion.
2010-09-15 13:17:42

@Joseph Barnes

Think it is the Fix Coffee shop in London at 161 Whitecross St.

Love these bulb though!!
2010-09-16 09:51:22

If you live in Scandinavia, i.e. Sweden, Norway and Denmark, you will be able to buy a Plumen from Pavlic Store.

Preorder now - To be shipped on October 15th, 2010.
Pavlic Store
2010-09-24 17:19:36

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