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Simon Norfolk: Satellite


Posted by Patrick Burgoyne, 23 September 2010, 15:16    Permalink    Comments (7)

Ariane 5 rocket on the pad at the Guiana Space Centre carrying $700 million worth of satellites

In a series of stunning images, photographer Simon Norfolk documents the life of a satellite, from manufacture and testing all the way to the launchpad

I've loved Simon Norfolk's for a long time so I was specially pleased to see that he had entered our Photography Annual this year with Satellite, a series of images commissioned by This is Real Art which document the life of an Astra satellite.

Two of these images made it into the Photography Annual helping it, I think, to become the strongest we have done. It's wonderful to be able to show all these beautiful images in print, but there is a downside. Compared to online, there is a chilling permanence to print: get something wrong and that's it. So it was with a sinking stomach that I noticed that we had managed to print Simon's images at a lower resolution than they should have been. Everyone at CR apologises to him for this but there is an upside. We are going to run an extended selection of images from the Satellite series as our Monograph for the November issue.

This post is to give you a taster of what to expect. If you'd like to receive Monograph, please go here.

Part of the satellite production room; calibration and testing rigs, EADS Astrium, Toulouse


Emergency back-up power generation, SES Astra satellite guidance centre, Betzdorf, Luxembourg


Supercomputer cooling systems, SES Astra satellite guidance centre, Betzdorf, Luxembourg


Astra 3B undergoing testing in the anechoic chamber at EADS Astrium, Toulouse


The DINO Room in Betzdorf which controls all the satellite TV content being reflected by SES Astra’s satellites


The S5 Payload Preparation Facility where satellites are checked over before launch


Uplink antennae, Betzdorf, Luxembourg


The hydrazine fuel that powers the satellites is so poisonous it has to be loaded by workers wearing full space suits


Soyouz launch pad, Guiana Space Centre, Kourou, French Guiana

Project commissioned by This is Real Art. Creative director: Paul Belford.

Simon Norfolk is represented by Peter Bailey

More on the CR Photography Annual here




2010-09-23 17:38:36

Love Simon Norfolk, good to see some of his new stuff.
If you get a chance to see one of his lectures - 100% go.

Insane the depth of research and references he shows, like no other show and tell I've ever seen, most of it isn't even about his work.

Top bloke, great work, represent!
2010-09-23 20:02:30

Amazing images. I love when illuminating science becomes a muse for an artist. Even the footnotes add to the images. I find it very interesting that the fuel is extremely poisonous that they have to wear bio-hazard suits.
Jasmine Farahat
2010-09-24 03:20:40

Who spotted the monkey?
Graphic Design Manchester
2010-09-24 18:40:54

Beautiful and interesting stuff. The guy's got a great aesthetic, but the subjects are always intriguing too.
Marc Atkinson
2010-09-25 14:04:19

2010-09-26 22:12:26

One of the best photographers out there. His work has so much presence.
James Greenfield
2010-09-27 13:56:03

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