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hat-trick design's commemorative RSC stamps

Graphic Design, Illustration

Posted by Creative Review, 12 April 2011, 13:17    Permalink    Comments (11)

Royal Mail today issue a set of stamps, designed by hat-trick, commemorating the Royal Shakespeare Company's 50th anniversary. The six stamps feature RSC actors in famous productions, along with a well known line from the play in question, hand written by Marion Deuchars...

As well as the six stamps, hat-trick also designed a mini-sheet of four stamps which features  a miniature paper stage set created and built specially by illustrator Rebecca Sutherland and shot by John Ross. The stamps pay homage to the four stages in Stratford – the Royal Shakespeare Theatre, the Swan Theatre, The Courtyard Theatre and The Other Place.

Can anyone name all the actors featured?

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miniture paperstage.. awesome. the top one, not so much. looks awfully familiar...
2011-04-12 14:15:00

As just images I like them but really Deuchar's lettering means that the iambic pentameter of the lines is totally wrong, which when you're celebrating the RSC being truthful to the Bard is 99% of the job surely?
2011-04-12 14:50:00

We love them!! Congratulations Becky!
Carlton Hobbs
2011-04-12 21:06:30

OK, I'm guessing:

Swan Theatre: Patrick Stewart
The Other Place: Judi Dench
The Courtyard: Kenneth Branagh
Royal Shakespeare Theatre: Diana Quick
David Atkinson
2011-04-12 23:21:16

Jean Luc Picard!

Lovely sense of drama in both sets.
Luke Tonge
2011-04-13 09:09:17

They're very nice. The top ones are a bit of a rip of Paula Scher, but I still like them.
2011-04-13 16:54:30

Beautiful! So much more modern-looking than any stamps I've seen in the US.
2011-04-13 17:11:46

@James. I think she's got it right with the emphasis on the iambic pentameter - if you look at the Hamlet one for example, its not a standard iambic pentameter rhythm anyway (I don't think - A Level English was a while ago) but I think it works.

Either way, I think they look great!
2011-04-14 12:30:50

David Tennant as Hamlet!!! [swoon] But Ian McKellen looks a bit *mature* to be playing Romeo. I agree that's Patrick Stewart on Swan Theatre and Judi Densch on The Other Place. That looks like a young Julie Christie on A Midsummer's Night Dream.
2011-04-14 14:08:52

Loving the RSC stamps. Striking and beautiful. The lettering works brilliantly.
2011-04-15 15:24:08

beautiful! a must-have!
2011-05-19 15:07:22

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