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Heineken launches live football game StarPlayer


Posted by Eliza Williams, 27 April 2011, 16:25    Permalink    Comments (5)

Heineken has launched a brand new live football game, StarPlayer, which allows players to predict what will happen at key moments in UEFA Champions League matches to score points.

The game, which was created and devised by creative agency AKQA, taps into a growing 'dual screen' habit amongst audiences: the tendency to watch TV while also chatting with mates via social media networks on computers or mobile phones. StarPlayer works in real-time, with players invited to forecast the outcome of corners, free kicks and penalties by choosing between a number of options. Different point scores are awarded depending on the likelihood of the outcome. Players also have the chance to guess when goals will take place - at the start of the game they are given eight chances to predict whether there will be a goal in the next 30 seconds, with points awarded on a sliding scale depending on how early the goal is anticipated. The film below shows how it all works:

To add to the sense of competition, players can form leagues with their mates, and share their scores via Facebook. They are also awarded badges for successfully predicting the events of a game.

To celebrate the launch of the app, Creative Review has formed its own readers' league, in collaboration with Heineken and AKQA. There are 24 places on the league and those taking part will compete to win two tickets to a match of their choice in the group stages of the UEFA Champions League season 2011/12 (please note: the match must be in the UK and travel and accommodation are not included). The player at the top of the league leader board 45 minutes after the live match on 28 May will win the prize. For more info and to join our league via Facebook, follow this link. Act fast to secure your place!

The StarPlayer game is available to play today on the Heineken Facebook page, and can be downloaded for free from the app store on iPhone or iPod Touch, or at The next match in the UEFA Champions League takes place tonight, when Barcelona will play Real Madrid.


Signed up and ready to rock!
2011-04-27 17:19:17

Seems a good little concept. I would like to try it.

Having seen the pictures i thought it was an android app as well as iphone, as it seems to be a generic samsung android phone. However having had a quick browse it seems to only work on i-os. The images are a bit misleading.

Is it just me or does this seem to happen a lot? This only happened a couple of days ago ->

Anyway like i said before i think its a good concept and pretty much where tv-watching habits seem to be heading.

That's my two-cents.
2011-04-27 17:26:57

sara scharaf
2011-04-28 07:28:33

It's like but not quite as good as it only caters to Champions League football.
2011-05-03 12:34:51

Perfect timing for a Champions League app. Only 1 game left....
2011-05-05 11:26:21

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