Sarah Illenberger’s illustrated stats

Looking through CR’s review copy of publisher Gestalten’s new book focusing on the work of illustrator Sarah Illenberger, it is her illustrated statistics, created for various editorial commissions, that we wanted to share the most…

The Truth About Sex (Die Wahreheit Über Sex), 2008, created for Neon Magazine

Berlin-based illustrator Sarah Illenberger‘s work invariably incorporate food, wool, vegetables, car tyres, and other everyday objects. In fact, it would seem that there’s no materials Illenberger won’t use in her work. However, looking through CR’s review copy of publisher Gestalten‘s new book of her work, it is her visualisation of various statistics, created for editorial and advertising commissions, that we wanted to share the most…

Above left: How often do you masturbate per month? Above right: How Would you describe your sexual orientation? Both of these illustrations were also created for Neon’s The Truth About Sex feature, 2008, as were the following sex-themed illustrations:

The above spread and below page show stats illustrated for Neon magazine’s Big Eco-Survey (Die Grosse Öko-Umfrage), 2007

Above: Bread Lines (Hartes Brot In Zeiten Von Harz IV), 2010 for Hinz & Kunzt magazine

Above: Ads from a campaign for PSC (Socialist’s Party of Catalonia), 2010

The above and below spreads show illustrated stats originally created for Neon magazine’s How Are We Doing – The Big Survey (Wie Geht Es Uns Denn So – Die Grosse Umfrage), 2005

Sarah Illenberger (Gestalten, £17.50) is a hardback, 128 page book dedicated to showcasing Illenberger’s work – it will be available to buy next month from Gestalten is also hosting a solo show of Illenberger’s artwork at it’s Berlin offices at Sphienstrasse 21 until September 11. For full details and opening times, visit

To see more of Illenberger’s work, check out her site at

  • MLA

    Great work. I wonder what the infographic community (Feltron and Infosthetics et al) will make of it.

  • Allison M


  • Thomas | Web Design Leeds

    Reminds me very much of Tracy Emin’s work – another contemporary artist who is completely unashamed when it comes to this kind of art.

  • Shu Han

    that’s brilliant! almost makes statistics exciting. now, if only textbooks use charts like this to teach students..

  • Design Agency

    Very Creative way of portraying some slightly taboo subjects, made me laugh as well, which is always good!

  • Adam

    über nice work :-)

  • Jitesh Patel

    very nice idea and concept, original

  • Killian @ Open Plus

    It is so refreshing to get a break from the usual infographics. A great way to present information.

  • Moment Factory

    This is really imaginative and powerful communication-wise. And pretty.