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New Will Self book covers

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Posted by Mark Sinclair, 3 August 2011, 16:45    Permalink    Comments (6)

Greg Heinimann at Bloomsbury has designed a series of new covers for author Will Self's backlist, to coincide with the release of the paperback edition of his latest book, Walking to Hollywood...

To create the ‘Will Self' device that appears on each cover in a different colour, Heinimann worked with vintage wood type and hand drew the ‘pool' shape surrounding Self's name. The finishing on the covers will apparently make the words appear recessed into the liquid. "The idea of this organic pool was to try and get across the fluidity of Will's writing, almost like a petri dish," says Heinimann.

"The titling is in Pitu Pro, making the most of its unusual glyphs," he adds. "I wanted to use something that would convey the punkiness of his writing, and the descenders and points seem to have that edginess."

The covers are printed on uncoated stock and will be available from next month, published by Bloomsbury.

More of Heinimann's work is at


Works a lot better with Illustration. I don't think the photo or the 3D render type image sit very well with either the typography or the 'device' which Is a shame as I love the typography, styling and wit of the first 3 and the Great Apes
2011-08-03 17:14:56

These are great Greg. I tried to design Walking to Hollywood for Grove and I know how difficult it was, as least for me, to design. Great solutions conceptually & visually
Henry Sene Yee
2011-08-03 22:35:52

I agree that the illustrations work much better with the great typography. Looking forward to see how the vintage wood type will recess into the pool. Good work!
Free Thinker
2011-08-04 12:55:57

2011-08-04 13:26:13

I like the colours, especially the background colour. A also like how the wood type is slightly askew. The titles are great too, I think that the longhand also conveys the pace and elegance of Mr. Self's writing.
2011-08-05 01:34:14

Good work.
Gary Day-Ellison
2011-08-05 12:40:39

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