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Benetton's dove of peace

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Posted by Creative Review, 22 December 2011, 10:03    Permalink    Comments (12)

Benetton has announced the first project to be created under the auspices of its UNHATE foundation: a giant dove of peace sculpture covered in spent cartridges which will stand in the Libyan capital of Tripoli

The UNHATE foundation was launched in November with a controversial poster campaign featuring kissing world leaders. Made by Fabrica but put together in Tripoli, the art installation will be officially donated to the city on Saturday December 24, Libyan Independence Day.

Original drawing for the sculpture

"The official handing-over of the dove is the UNHATE Foundation's first act, both concrete and symbolic," said Alessandro Benetton, Benetton Group's executive deputy chairman. "Our aim in creating the Foundation is to oppose the culture of hate. It seeks to be a leader and driving force behind the desire for participation and change felt by citizens of the world, especially young people".

Sculpture being assembled at Tripoli University

The sculpture is covered in 20,000 spent cartridges (see detail above) picked up in conflict zones around the world, as shown in this film

This film shows the original modelling for the sculpture

And here a full-size polystyrene model is made

More on the project on the Colors website here and here

Read Rick Poynor's 2006 CR piece on Benetton at 40 here




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[deleted by moderator]
2011-12-22 16:47:00

Nice to see Benetton producing something constructive in the name of peace.
2011-12-23 14:44:48

WOOOOOW Beautiful thing :::: i am happy that iam from Libya Now ::::
muhammad jaballa
2011-12-23 16:19:54

it's wonderful, itś time for peace.
Eny Canet
2011-12-24 09:15:05

Only the Arabs would do something like this.....we all know how peaceful the religion of peace can be...there is bliss, equality, and superior standards of life in Islamic countries.....this is perfect.
2011-12-24 14:14:24

[deleted by moderator]
2011-12-24 17:23:00

What with the current situation in Libya I cant help but feel this is patronising at best.
Libya itself has had a popular revolt hijacked by the West, partly because of the fear of losing oil reserves and partly because the West is terrified of any genuine democracy in the Middle East and especially neighbouring Egypt. The new 'government' may not be Gaddafi, but its not anything near what people are fighting for. And theres the rub, it's completely naive to promote non-violence in a situation where people are fighting for their lives against regimes armed to the teeth by the West. Everyday I read on twitter brave reports from people on the streets risking death for democracy and freedom, what they need are not naive Corporate gestures like this that empty the political content of struggles but real solidarity and support.
noel douglas
2011-12-24 18:48:57

I'am proud that you are libyans....thank u" shabab
2011-12-24 19:30:50

I sent a feed back but you are censoring opinions. Mine was not offensive neither provocating nor anonimous.I would like to see my feed back pubblished. We are in democracy,You should accept also complains and negative opinions if any.
best regards.
adel husni Bey
Adel husni Bey
2011-12-26 16:07:26

@Adel husni Bey
All the comments submitted to the site are stored in the CMS. I can't find any comment from you
CR PatrickBurgoyne
2011-12-27 19:15:44

Dear Mr. Patrick Burgoyne , my comments were deleted by "the moderator", Stay from the side of the people where democracy is. By the way I'm very happy for Libyans and Libya. We thank the donor for his gift.

Adel Husni Bey
2011-12-29 16:20:19

This is amazing, great project.
Dave - Web Design Essex
2012-01-04 08:48:09

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