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Imperial War Museum launches poster app

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Posted by Creative Review, 20 December 2011, 16:23    Permalink    Comments (6)

The Imperial War museum has launched an iPad and iPhone app featuring 30 'great British posters' from the Second World War

The app, which is free, was developed by ArtFinder. It features 30 posters from the Museum's collection of over 20,000. Each one has details on its designer as well as (rather too brief) "hidden stories" behind the designs and comment from IWM's curators. You can also buy prints of the posters.

Richard Slocombe, senior art curator at IWM says "These posters were not only remarkable for their sophisticated communication and proficient design; they played an integral propaganda role. Through their subtle humour, memorable slogans and modernist approach they helped to support a variety of vital wartime initiatives informing the public and building morale."

Dig for Victory, 1941. Although both photographer and designer are unknown, the app does reveal that this poster features the boot of gardener William Henry McKie from Acton. The picture was taken on his allotment at Acton Vale (see local paper cutting here)


Grow Your Own Food, 1942, by Abram Games

Doctor Carrot (1941) and his counterpart Potato Pete were introduced in a bid to get children to eat more unrationed foods


Make-Do and Mend (1942) were two of a series of cheery characters introduced during the war


The poster that has become a phenomenon. Over a million copies of Keep Calm were printed in 1939 in anticipation of air raids. Similar posters proved a failure with the public and so Keep Calm, despite its current fame, was never actually used in the war

The app, which includes the examples shown above and below, is available here



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You can also preview all the posters in the App here -
Jen Bayne
2011-12-20 17:36:39

Gutted. Cannot comprehend why some developers still ignore android. I am aware that more 'design people' are using ios than android, but it would reach far more people in general.
2011-12-20 19:45:43

jo - it's because Android is shit...

Get over it and choose wisely next time ;-)
2011-12-21 14:00:08

This app is 20 Mgs? this is sort of large for such a basic app.
mark wisz
2011-12-21 15:15:50

Congrats whoever managed to sell this idea to them, what a COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME AND MONEY.

This has no reason to be an "app" you could have just made this as a web page with responsive design and it would have worked on the desktop, ipad, iphone, android.

It's a slideshow with 30 images FOR GOD SAKE! Fire your ad agency IWM they're ripping you off.
2011-12-22 12:15:00

Totally agree wit dem HAWTDAWGS, would have taken less time to create as well.
2011-12-22 12:25:48

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