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CMYKilla's spoof multiwindow music video

Music Video / Film

Posted by Gavin Lucas, 21 January 2011, 18:00    Permalink    Comments (8)

Following on from our recent posts on the current trend for multiwindow music videos – and seeing as it's Friday evening – we thought we'd post up this spoof music video created by internet comedy site College Humor which features Photoshop tip-meister, CMYKilla...


the viedo's gone.. any chance of a re-up?
Elliot Ross
2011-01-23 12:09:32

Dead link?
2011-01-23 18:47:13

You can also see it here:
2011-01-23 23:02:11

reminds me of don't copy that floppy
Youssef Sarhan
2011-01-24 10:48:18

I'm lovin this lol
2011-01-25 16:50:34

best video evah
Matthew Ingram
2011-01-25 20:50:06

2011-01-25 21:45:12

Amazing! an incredible amount of work must have gone into this video...very clever!
Trevor Stanesby
2011-01-27 16:04:10

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