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Good old fashioned romance: not dead

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Posted by Mark Sinclair, 10 March 2011, 16:46    Permalink    Comments (5)

You can almost hear him whispering it

Marking the 100th anniversary of International Women's Day, new show The W Project features a wealth of work by female creatives including this marvellous series of restaged Mills & Boon covers by Alex Holder...

Holder created the series of portraits of herself (and boyfriend Ross) in collaboration with photographer Oli Kellett, in homage to the steamy illustrations found on the covers of the classic romance publisher's books.

"Sometimes we sit for hours staring at a sea shell," she writes. "Other times he'll hold me by the neck in front of the Pyramids. But there's nothing we like more than NEARLY kissing each other near some horses. I always try to look hot in front of him so he doesn't leave me."

For I am the Master of the Marshlands and I give you, shells

Whaddaya mean an obsesssion? With the horses?

When she isn't embroiled in acts of unbridled, slightly creepy, passion, Holder is an art director at Wieden + Kennedy. Her page on the W Project site is here and the show is open to the public until tomorrow (March 11) at the Russian Club Gallery in London. See


I love the Farra Fawcettish hair in the covers.
Felipe D.
2011-03-10 20:07:28

Why is it always the same beardy bloke? And why doesn't he have a beard on the covers? Everyone knows that the birds go crazy for a bit of beard...
2011-03-11 15:16:07


1) Because it's the same lady and her boyfriend (like it says in the article)

2) Because the covers were done first, ages ago, and these two are recreating them

Try and keep up.
2011-03-11 21:34:42

When I saw the first restaged cover and read that these were being done for International Women's Day, I thought that this was a campaign against domestic violence, as the new cover depicts a man with a sinister expression strangling his partner. I actually thought it was very effective (especially with the darkly subverted tagline 'There's a first time for everything') until I read further and realised my mistake.
2011-03-13 11:17:46


hardly type

I'm laughing so much.
2011-03-15 20:18:33

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