Wrangler’s daredevil new campaign

Fred & Farid ad agency in Paris has created a striking series of images featuring stunt men and women in its latest campaign for Wrangler.

Fred & Farid ad agency in Paris has created a striking series of images featuring stunt men and women in its latest campaign for Wrangler.

The ads feature Hollywood stunt people performing daredevil acts including jumping from windows, being set on fire, and falling through panes of glass. The performances were all captured by photographer Cass Bird, and together form a striking set of advertising images.

The images are the latest in the Wrangler We Are Animals campaign, which began in 2008, and aims to give a modern twist to the brand’s cowboy image. The whole campaign has placed photography at its centre, with minimal branding, an unusual approach in advertising today but highly effective.

“It is rare that I get commissioned in a commercial vein to have an experience as well as produce work that is equally adventurous and risk-taking,” says Cass Bird of the project. “The Wrangler Stunt campaign required a lot of fearlessness and trust – qualities not often found in such projects.”

The full set of images in the campaign can be seen online here. In addition, Wrangler has released another website, created by Stink Digital, giving you the opportunity to ‘experience’ the shoot from the perspective of the stunt people. Finally, there is also a behind-the-scenes film, which is shown below:


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  • alexander

    top advert looks a little graphic…like a drink driving commercial or something

  • Very brave in both senses of the word, but I can’t help going all Health & Safety on this. Mind you, I always wondered how they got that ‘distressed’ look onto their jeans.

  • Erik

    Hey this makes almost as much sense as people in trees!

  • Phil C

    Amazing images. Only criticism I would have is that they seem to have very little to do with the ‘we are animals’ line.

  • We are animals? Is this a good message to send out to the public, especially young kids? Have we reached that point where graphic news images, such as natural disaster and war, define our visual culture? Most importantly the campaign sems to be saying – it’s ‘cool’ to blow people up and being blown up. Not impressed at all. – ZH, creative director Sojournposse.

  • The movement captured in the images is really striking and I love that.
    But the 1st, 2nd and 7th images made me flinch a little.

    Again as the others pointed out, We are animals? I sort of assume that it means animals as in loutish people.

  • Reality Check

    @ Phil C,

    The idea is that Wrangler is for the animal IN YOU. And the stunt people are used as an expression of that communication.

    But the problem with this campaign is that unless the ads appear in Stuntman’s Weekly, or the outdoor appears on Melrose Drive near a Hollywood back lot, it’s hard to grasp that the models are stunt people.

  • Mark

    i think it’s hilarious that criticism of these ads is based on their [massively ridiculous by the way] potential to influence kids and hoodlums to do the same thing. If it were the JACKASS boys doing these things in the ads then maybe because let’s face it, they’re not professionals – but here no one is laughing, smiling or naked – these are professionals in very obviously lethal situations – its dramatic, cinematic and stalling.

    As the article mentioned, minimalism is rare – and I’m glad the team and directors were brave enough to let the images do all the talking.

    Lovely series…

  • Wrangler are selling jeans. Jeans are traditionally worn by the bad ass people of the world James Dean et al. People wear jeans coz there a bit rock and roll, not because they’re safe for the kids.

    We are animals as in we are only animals we make mistakes, we mess things up, we break things. I think its an awesome campaign stunning art direction so much energy, brave as hell.

    My only criticism is the ones with the fire in them, the people look less in control then the others. But love it, go Fred & Farid!

  • Wow, jeans are exciting man!

  • anaP

    so animals are stupid is this the point? can’t wait til the “emotional abuse division” on Peta sees this

  • Ed

    Interesting photos with nice design and enigmatic strapline. All good things.

    For me though the elements are all pulling in different directions and don’t form a coherent message, feeling or communication for Jeans, Wrangler or my inner animal. Too much polish, not enough client interference – and it’s not often I’m moved to say that.

  • Jack

    uuh annoying website. gave up looking through all the pictures after a couple. seems messy, have to move your pointer all over the place!

  • newman

    I actually don’t know anyone or have seen anyone wearing wrangler jeans.
    I wore one around 25 years ago.
    I think my parents bought me the wrong brand.
    Anyway nice photos. Look like the gettyone ‘s best pics.

  • Video from the ‘Stunt’ photographic event on dover street http://www.vimeo.com/21320666

  • Antony

    New York Times Magazine did this with stunt women in couture, possibly ten-fifteen years ago… running through plate glass, hit by car, hanging from helicopter etc

  • @Mark

    “i think it’s hilarious that criticism of these ads is based on their [massively ridiculous by the way] potential to influence kids and hoodlums to do the same thing.”

    I used to work with agency guys like you – drainpipe jeans, hang out in trendy areas, have progressive haircuts and live in a ‘creative’ bubble. Well, quit drinking your own Kool Aid and read / see the news. Should the advertising industry further encourage the violence already so visible in the media? And what about bad timing? Wrangler campaign is so insensitive and fail to read the public’s mood.

    Why bother with stunts and spending a fortune on ad agency if Wrangler wants to be ‘hardcore’? Why not just buy real war or tsunami images from Getty and slap Wrangler logo on it? Oh no, that would be too real. Let’s hire stunts to make it look like the real thing!

    Here’s an idea for nothing (for now) – Why don’t Wrangler feature real people helping others in disaster zones and place the tagline “We are human”. And donate some of the profit away towards good causes.

    Admen, today you can’t ‘shock’ people into buying jeans – or cheese, perfume, computers, cars – anymore. Please add value to society and evolve with the world – ZHs, creative director Sojournposse.

  • Chris Brown

    Clever images I hate the use of shock if it is shock they are using, if its the macho image of the cowboy and cowgirls then fair enough.

    I would rather have seen a cowgirl or cowboy bare back riding a mustang or a bull…. ok just as predictable as these, but much more graphic. Believe me you wouldnt forget that ad campaign in a hurry.

    I often wonder how some designers/creatives/photographers justify there pay grades.

    It is mind boggling.

    On a plus point they make nice photographs…. and you will remember the stunt jean company levi, sorry, wrangler so in the end it kind of works.