Epic Audi ad reveals Le Mans driver experience

This beautiful new ad for Audi from BBH London stars Audi Le Mans team leader Allan McNish and gives a real insight into the physical endurance required to be a Le Mans driver…

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This beautiful new ad for Audi from BBH London stars Audi Le Mans team leader Allan McNish and gives a real insight into the physical endurance required to be a Le Mans driver…

Directed by Chris Hemming at Passion Pictures, the ad is two-and-a-half minutes in length and incorporates a mixture of live action, hand-drawn sketches and stereoscopic techniques. The 2D version is shown above, but a 3D version will play out on Sky 3D during the Champions League final on Saturday and also in cinemas.

“Audi were keen to promote Le Mans, as it is an unsung success for them,” says Kevin Stark, creative director at BBH. “They have won it nine out of eleven times in the last few years. I was lucky to see Le Mans winner Allan McNish at the Audi National Forum. He did a five-minute lecture on the famous endurance race, but from the driver’s perspective. I thought this might have potential to answer our brief. We wanted to bring a human aspect to Audi communications and Allan’s off-beat and likeable style was a good fit.”

“Next step was to get this into a manageable time length film,” continues Stark. “And also see if we could further increase the exciting, sensory experience of driving the race. We approached animator Chris Hemming at Passion Pictures. Chris and his artist Tim Marrs did some great, expressive style sketches that enhanced what Allan was saying but without drowning his performance. Allan was filmed using 3D live action cameras, but Chris had the idea that we could make the hand-drawn sketch style 3D too, but also using stereoscopic techniques. The result is a fresh-looking piece of animation that works well in 2D but really comes alive in 3D.”

Ad agency: BBH London
ECD: Nick Gill
Senior creative directors: Nick Kidney, Kevin Stark
Production company: Passion Pictures
Director: Chris Hemming


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  • This is great. Best piece of traditional motion graphics I’ve seen for a while and solid concept and copywriting.

  • Jeffrey

    Beautiful and informative, great stuff!

  • That is absolutely lovely, beautifully written, engaging and exciting to watch and wonderfully executed, I’m off to hang up my mouse!

  • Would love to see this in 3D. Better get down to the cinema then!

  • Rob


  • Lou

    Beautifully thought out and executed. I’m inspired!

  • Fantastic and inspirational piece.

  • amazing

  • Really wonderful insight into a great race and into the mind of a great driver. Off to Le Mans in just two weeks can’t wait! Be great to see this at the cinema in the ad break before SENNA.

  • A beautifully crafted and genuinely absorbing piece of work.

    Makes a change!

    The excellent delivery of information was utterly infectious.

    Hell, I’m off to the Bundesautobahn for a bit of R&R.

  • Dan Ashcroft

    Amazing ad. Wish I could have seen the end of it but it was too difficult with the laptop on the side of my head.

  • jo

    this is horribly familiar.

    have a look at what ubs did for their sponsorship of f1 months ago…


  • PatrickBurgoyne

    @ Jo
    Well they’re both animated, black and white and about motorsport. But there the similarity ends.

  • stu

    I just saw this for first time
    As beautiful as a guiness ad
    I learned things
    And the driver was a charm

    I would like to watch le mans on telly now and I know which team I would support


  • rob

    great advert, they just ran it in the half time break about england’s first game in the rugby world cup… really captivating

  • The attention to ergonomics is quite brilliant and with the Le Mans, It is arguably the most stylish vehicle in the A6 range.