Land Rover’s stamp of class

We were just sitting round the CR office bemoaning the lack of quality print ads these days when up popped a rather nice new execution from RKCR/Y&R for the Land Rover Defender

We were just sitting round the CR office bemoaning the lack of quality print ads these days when up popped a rather nice new execution from RKCR/Y&R for the Land Rover Defender

The Defender’s distinctive shape is created from a collage of passport stamps suggesting that the car is the one you need to take you to all these exotic locales (rather than to the nearest supermarket/do the school run etc). The result is beautifully crafted, restrained and deceptively simple in a manner that we don’t often see today.

The ad is part of a campaign that has been consistently good. Check out Toolkit from the back end of last year:


Client: Land Rover UK
Ad agency: RKCR/Y&R
Executive Creative Director: Mark Roalfe
Copywriter: Phil Forster
Art Director: Tim Brookes
Photographer: Carl Warner
Typographer: Lee Aldridge, SiD@rkcr/y&r
Production: Ali Power
Planner: Kate Nettleton
Account Director: Glynn Euston
National Communications Manager: Les Knight


Copywriter: Adrian Lim
Art director: Steve Williams
Planner: Richard Cordiner
Production Company: Tag
Photographer: Andy Green


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  • Nice work. Love it!

  • The way you displayed the ad in the first frame is far better than the actual DPS. Still bloody excellent though.

  • Luz

    Thankyou !

  • razor


  • Dennis Anderson

    Ourtstanding ad, very creative and memorable

  • Thandi Darling

    Less really is more here, love the simplicity and cleverness – that’s Advertising!

  • Really nicely done, the passport idea says good things for the brand and is pleasing to look at as well!

  • oni

    same opinion with Bravenewmalden and the real ad is too naif

  • Rob

    very nice. it really evokes that feeling of achievement when you’re looking back through your passport at all the stamps and looks really tactile. fantastic toolkit ad too – one of those rye smile ads.

  • That is a nice little ad.

  • nice work! brilliant!

  • Rob

    Very clever indeed. I prefer the Toolbox one – Genius!

  • So simple and beautifully obvious. Just like the old Land Rover shape itself. The only trouble is, it wouldn’t encourage me to buy a new one – I bought one 20 years ago and a Land Rover is for life! The older it gets the more we love it. The most environmentally vehicle is one you never have to replace.

  • Love it!

    Also really liked Y&R New York’s latest Land Rover commercial:

  • The passport stamp, while not a new idea, is put to work for the hard working classic Landy.
    Lets not get excited here, it’s just passable, and I would have expected more from the agency.

    The tools dps is rather lack luster in its art direction and lighting.
    Yet again nothing new creatively, but an all too safe and predictable use of the ‘tool’ concept.

    Both, I feel, are very student efforts.

  • Ruan Milborrow

    Passport stamp ad – absolutely brilliant! Fantastic idea, beautifully crafted.

  • Tony McSweeney

    The passport ad is one of the best I’ve seen in years. Beautiful work

  • I think the stamp one is a very interesting idea and well executed.

  • Bo Davis

    Passport stamp ad, Brilliant. Tool ad, not so much!………. I hate it when I see ideas so simple – Why didn’t I think of that.

  • Dan

    Top work.

  • Ajito_o

    MMMMMMMmmmmm it has a reasonable look alike with a Spanish airlines 2006 campaign, check it out

  • DanH

    Lovely. Very reminiscent of the great Jeep work.

  • Fantastic concept.

  • In the tool campaign: I’d like to know what the Landy owner needs 2 circular saws, a powerdrill, 2 handsaws, 2 2-man saws, a hedge trimmer, a chainsaw, a scythe, 2 sledgehammers, a pickaxe, 3 files, 2 spades, a hoe, a fork, a crowbar, some pliers, 2 axes, a vice and… some giant tweezers (?) for.

    Sounds like a complicated day’s work.

  • What a brilliant idea, simply…

  • Bernd

    well done !!! would love to get the pictures.

  • top class! a very very clever idea! and well realized